The Council: Tipping Point

newlightearth eraoflightNow, as time passes, or more accurately, as more and more of you experience greater evolution in your conscious awakenings, your collective approaches closer and closer to the tipping point in your collective experience of yourselves. When that tipping point is finally reached and the crest is passed, you will, many of you, feel or see or know in some manner, perhaps all of those mentioned, that mankind has evolved into what you are terming ascension. It is possible that you will experience something that you are calling an ‘Event’. There is an equally positive probably that you have brought into potential in the last short while that will be experienced as a much smoother transition. You are in the process of deciding how this will manifest.

Whichever the outcome you decide, it requires that a great many of you have quite a bit of final clearing to experience in a very short period. We wish you to know that most of you will not need to relive or relearn these lessons, but you are feeling them as they are released. You are being cleared by the light and unconditional love of the All That Is, whatever name you choose to give that. In other words, dear friends, it is ‘crunch time’.

You have asked for, and been granted, a very much more gradual series of changes than was previously planned. It will bring along with it an inclusion of a far wider share of the world’s population. But as you will see with a moment’s consideration, for many it will still involve a massive and perhaps uncomfortable change in their understanding of reality. It is not easy to find out that most or even all of what you believed to be true really never was true. To balance that, be prepared to show those around you how very much better their lives are becoming.

Now we know that you have been reading and hearing these marvelous forecasts for years. We would say two things about that. Firstly, what you call ‘years and years’ is in this universe only a moment, especially when the import of this change is considered. And then we ask you to look around and see that most of what you have been looking forward to can be seen to be in progress and evident now in many ways. Even by your standards, it will very soon be undeniable.

So, as you say, hang in there. And the more you feel yourself to be in a hurry, the more we ask you to continue to do your intentions and affirmations, your prayers and meditations, for the outcomes you desire for your world. And as we always tell you, remember that what you are responsible – response able – for is the changes in yourselves and your own lives.


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