Heavenletters: When Oneness Dawns

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, when I speak, would you like to sit in? Even when you don’t grasp what exactly I’m saying, you gain something by listening even casually. Together, We make leaps forward. You don’t have to look for a set plan or accomplishment. Together, We, you and I as One, shall rise simply in the East the same way the morning sun does. It is natural.

Together, you and I, We don’t set out with a grand plan. We do not plan. We do not make a big splash. We are not setting out to break any records. We sit together. We don’t ask for more than to be together with Our hearts beating in One thump.

Something good comes through My voice that stirs Our heartbeats in pure simplicity. Of course, listen to all the music you already like to listen to and add Me. From your readiness to hear Me, the world takes a leap.

Amazingly, there is always more going on than at first appears – most especially when I speak and you listen. By your very openness, what I commune takes a foothold in your heart. There is more than what goes on behind the scenes than may at first be apparent. We are simply together, and no more than this. You don’t have to be thinking about Our connectedness. In fact, it’s good to just live Oneness.

Even if you had no ears to hear with and could not hear Me at all, there is a refined subtle influence of hearing – an Essence of God – whereby there is not anywhere Oneness cannot be.

If I speak to you in a language that you know not one word of, you will be enriched just the same – a subtle influence of sound available even in a language unknown to your conscious mind that reaches you.

You are not out for serious intellectual instruction. Oneness has an easygoing kind of communication. You’re not signing up for anything. I give you simple open entry to the beat of My heart. Come right in.

If I, God, didn’t move My lips, and you are aware I’m not moving my lips, you gain from realizing that Oneness sits in the same Universe together.

With whatever kind of ease you feel in My presence, you will absorb Me effortlessly at your own pace. There is no quota you have to fill. You don’t have to race lickety-split or to ponder.

I am where love and strength come from. Step over here, please.

You don’t have to ask questions of Me. We are primal. We are nature itself. We are immeasurable. We start from where We happen to be, and it is good.

In Silence and without a list of gainful desires in mind, Oneness goes deep, and We go high. We bypass any focus, even on Silence. Silence isn’t even a thought. Together We exist as an impulse. We are One beyond thought of Oneness. We are Oneness. We do not have to pray for it or anything like that.

We are out of this world. We don’t have to announce that Oneness meets as One.

Even when you do not remember My Name, We go deep. We are not Self-Conscious. We are Oneness. We are deeper than any thought or non-thought. We are pre-thought. We are pre-concept. We are primal. We are eternal. We are nature itself on a lark. We are the One Self that has always been. You were Oneness long before the idea dawned on you.

Now I hear you say: “All Glory to You, God.”

Beloved, I am the One Self, and so are you.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff