Horus: New Root Race and the Golden Age Earth

horusSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message for you all.

I Heru, speak through the Heart of my Beloved to the Hearts of you All.

I come forth at this hour to grant dispensation of Higher Light and Blessing to you all as many of you will be undertaking and experiencing a wonderful wave of Energy at this time as the 011011/ 101011/011111/111111 Stargates have unfolded. and we have so much to share with you at this time as the Divine Energy from Zero Point is now being poured forth throughout the Cosmos at this time preparing you for a New Wave coming Forth at Solstice Time where significant alignments take place with the Sirian and Orion Collective.

Illumination and Enlightenment is the key of Higher Consciousness as the Ascending Souls have now been activated to this formal degree of initiation.

The Essence of Balance and Harmony must be worked upon for all Souls that have come forth to the Earth to make a significant difference to the face of humanity.

Purification sits at the heart of Ascension and with this all those of you that have been called upon to work to uplift your planet and humanity will undertake a shift and activation over the coming weeks.

In this Golden Month upon your Earth, this Golden Gateway that takes you forth into Solstice sees a stripping back…. and a renewal.

The many Trees undertake this ritual year upon year being blessed by beauty once more… The Trees play a fundamental role in the Healing and Rising Energy upon your Earth.

For the Seasons and the Cycles of the Sun have a symbolic role not only at a global scale but also at a Cosmic Scale. The Pranic Forces come forth during this grand time to bring forth Life, to bring forth Sustenance, to bring forth Healing, to Elevate.

It is now time to connect with Self dear Children of the Light for the Light and Love that you seek within will be shown to you with greater understanding for the Truths lie within the crevasses of your Soul,

Go beyond the wall, the wall of your making, that you may see the castle of your making through which the tower of light will shine; the tower of light in which you may dwell. Break down the wall. Break down the wall of resistance, the wall of doubt. Remember faith. Remember the glory of faith.

And you will be made whole. You will be unified there. You will meet us as One. We make whole in the way we conduct ourselves; in the way we communicate; in our behaviour; in our strength and our weakness; in our love and our repulsion; in our understanding that it is all One.

When we bring it in we understand. We can see it. We look at it and we know that it shines for it is imbued with compassion. It is imbued with a higher love and that love radiates; it permeates through all else, such that no worry matters, no harm comes, no destruction reigns. Its love flows throughout. This is what we would have you feel. This is what we would have you know. You are One. We are One. I Am One beyond the wall.

You see dear Children of the Light of the World around, the Ascension may be of a Greater Challenge… for it is about going within, to connect, to heal, to release, and more importantly to empower.

It is your own wisdom that we ask you to look for. It is your own wisdom that we ask you to turn within and heed. Listen to yourself and the wisdom contained there, for that wisdom is of the Higher Self. That wisdom is of the light contained within the realm of creation. It comes upon a star field of your making. It comes into your realm with the light of a beacon that we have raised, a spectrum upon which you travel, and we reach down and travel to you.

Here we come into the realm of your world, coming now with a message of peace. Look within and understand that you are the peacemakers. You are the souls of creation, and time will not stand still for you, time is created by you. Understand, you are warriors of peace but you have forgotten to dance a dance of life that is harmonious.

This Ascension in the current paradigm is about untying the wheels of incarnation bringing Souls into a greater understanding. Those whom desire the slumber state will continue the process over and over again until the Soul has reached its highest point of greater understanding.

There are Souls that are on mission to your planet at this time to bring about a greater understanding to help Souls to shift into a new paradox of greater understanding and to release the ties and straps bound by entering the reincarnation state. All rising Souls including those whom are “Service Souls” have been granted the dispensation of this being the very last incarnation before we enter the New Root Race and the Golden Age of your Earth.

All Souls have been granted the Christed Light within and all Souls have been granted the Free Will dispensation to enter into that Light and Consciousness.

Now to the Prism of Light: Its radiance bends forth into the world that we may see the Christ force within us. A blessing upon you, and a blessing upon you who read this message…

And we bless you for this. We bless you Light workers. Spirit sees and knows and blesses you in the world that the Source comes through, and the load is lighter, and the planes rejoice for your dedication. Yes we do.

Go and be brave. Be brave for yourself and for what you co-create. Be brave for the web of which you are a part, in thought and action, and feeling and knowing. Send out the Light. When you have found it within, hold some and send some out, and we will join you. Yes we will, blessed being.

I AM Heru (Horus) and I speak through Elaine this day.

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