Heavenletters: Great Good in the World

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, there is Great Good in the world, if I do say so Myself I speak every day and night from within you again and again. You do want this, don’t you? You desire that I talk to you more and more? You want to catch the words I whisper to you from the depths and heights and subtlety of what I say. I do speak sweetly, although I do not speak solely sweet nothings. I am solid of purpose. You like it when your ear is pressed to My Words. All aboard. Let’s find out more.

Of course, this that you refer to as you is open to sweet talk, yet I extend the strength beyond sweetness alone. I love lightness with you, yet, of course, there is also a higher setting according to what you are open to hear fro, what comes along with all of Me and, therefore, you – more than you may imagine.

We have known each other for more than eons. Oneness is well-known.

Certainly, you are in My heart safe and sound and found within what is called for all time.

Within My heart, you may well find your heart blossoming as you hadn’t noticed before. All is within you. This is a matter of fact. Be patient. Of course, naturally, We are patient with Our Vast mutual longing. I call our longing Vast, that for that which you have been a long time seeking. You really are beginning to get the hang of Oneness for old times’ sake.

There is much to do with life in this land of earth and spirit, and how you yearn to catch up and get far ahead. I tell you to be slow-paced and patient at the same time as I excitedly tell you to zoom ahead, because what on earth are you waiting for? A rainy day?

You may not have noticed when you get caught up to the brim of Oneness. And that this can happen more than once. You will always get another chance and another.

Of course, even before learning to give love comes an actual ample loving presence filled within what you call yourself.

Sometimes you may feel like a slow traveler when it comes to giving love as a simple giver of love will do. You have often yearned to be loved more than you desire to love. You have been good at struggling to give love and actually distributing a good wealth of love – you’ve long been waiting for actual love to appear right at your fingertips. Somehow, it’s not quite natural-seeming to you to spill out your bounty of love. You may feel that you are the runt of the litter and a slow learner when it comes to love.

No matter, you will catch up before you know it. Now will be the time for you to fulfill your quota. This giving of love will be the easiest thing in the world. It will be a snap. You will never cut love short. You will find that you do know very well what it is to give love rather than to grab it for yourself. You don’t have to love everything and everyone all at once. Just love. Love somewhat somehow. Love someone over and over again, for you are someone who is learning that you can fill up a balloon of love over and over again.

Sometimes you come to the conclusion that you would really rather fill up someone else’s heart to the brim before you fill up your own lagging heart. Fill your heart and others’ as well. There are plenty of choices of hearts to fill up for the joy of the world as We speak. Love is how you bless.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff