Elthor the Dragon: Gaia’s Breath

dragon whiteIt is I, Elthor the dragon. I greet you humanity with a warm fiery breath this day of Gaia’s ascension. For she is ascending daily, hourly. Can you not feel it? Her breath is your breath for you are inextricably linked, of the same matter and thought form of creation. It is time that humanity see this, realize it and own it. Your internal pollution is manifested in Gaia’s waters. Her oceans that are in so desperate need of healing and of renewal. Lightworkers will have assistance from their star brothers and sisters with high tech, but it is you who must start the movement. And many have. We dragons see this. We see the desire and fire in your eyes for a better world and the energies now are supportive of this.

Rise, young one, and let us go on a journey through time and space. For we dragons love to do this with our human friends again. And I say again for it has been extraordinarily long it seems to us since the days of Lumeria, of Mu, of Atlantis when we were friends, comrades. And for those of you who worked with us willingly, joyfully, you feel this. You remember this. Feel my fiery dragon’s breath on your third eye now and remember. Remember those days. For they are returning, they are here now should you wish again to work with us, to fight the darkness with us. There is much to do. There is much dross to clear and rubble to rebuild. Rise up human and claim your power! Claim your divinity! And shine like the god or goddess that you are.

We dragons frequent inner earth for we are compatible with those higher energies and they soothe us. Humanity has forgotten how to be soothed, how to relax, how to be. Come now human on this journey with me through space time. Come to my dragon world of crystals and singing waterfalls. Anchor to Mother Gaia first so you may find your way back easily, and you will realize that there is a roadmap within your third eye that does not easily miss. You are masters at this sort of travel, you have done it many, many times. Now we are off. Hop on my back and fly with me! We see a glowing green wormhole in front and we dive through it without hesitation, for we are dragons! We do not hesitate! And neither should you, oh human, for you are mighty. It is time that you remember this – a deep internal knowing kind of remembering. My dragon breath will help you with this. Should you allow it. There. Better?

We are in a wormhole of electric green light that moves and twists and turns that seems never ending but all is rapid – fast. For we are flying as the time lords fly with great speed and purpose and joy. There is our stop. You see a red planet surrounded by mist with dark towering peaks – not a welcoming place. That is our old home that we have evolved from. Send it love and move on. I show you this human for you must see that all of us have evolved and are evolving. The dragons of yesteryear have transitioned through much. Many have chosen not to transition and they have been left behind, and their anger smolders. Do not be like them. Do not choose to be left behind – it is extremely lonely for them as they are only surrounded by the dark shadows of their own making. You must be careful when connection with the dragons. Not all of us have evolved and have chosen to hold Source light in our eyes. You can always tell the allegiance of a dragon by their eyes, human. Mine are golden. Golden eyed dragons have become aligned with Source. Other eye colors – be wary. Many more of you are trying to connect with us and we see this and it gives us great pleasure and we are keen to connect but be careful. Not all dragons are so friendly and we can be cunning should the need arise. Is my warning heeded? Do not be deceived by a smooth talking dragon, human. Learn to see with your heart space and it will never fail you.

There. We have passed by that dark planet where lost memories turmoil. Send it violet fire and move on. I always enjoy doing this for it keeps me reminded of my path onward ever upwards towards Source – my own personal pledge. Another wormhole now. This one electric blue – ah it is even faster! Suddenly we stop, we have arrived at Elthor’s homeward of dragon lore. It is so good to be back. You see this is the same planet template but the redness and swirling smoke are gone. The black peaks are now emerald green. You, human, may perceive these colors as neon but they are normal to us, as an ascended dragon collective. Flowers and waterfalls dot every triangle peak and there are great elevation changes on this rocky terrain.

Ah, my family is here to greet us. We are many. You are welcomed. Come into the fold. We fly up higher towards my home. We are on a rocky mountain peak and on the top are meadows, green grass, many creatures who live in harmony with us. It is a dragon paradise. We have created this over eons with our intentions, with our purpose, with our breath, those of us who renounced the old ways of the dark and chose the light of Source. See? We all have golden eyes. There, I believe my lesson has been learned. Come with me human now. Walk with us all to the golden crystal cavern to the right. It is a healing place, a chamber of sorts, depending on your size. Enter the crystal cave. See the crystal stalactites and stalagmites surrounding you and the clear green blue water. Gently get in the warm water and float awhile and listen to the crystals sing their welcome. Become one with the water, with the energy, with the vibration here. For it is a high vibration and it will sooth your frazzled nerves. Claim the ascension energy here for your own healing. The crystals and elementals here offer it to you freely with great joy for they long to serve humanity in some way with Gaia’s ascension. The entire multiverse knows of your quest to ascend within the physical. Quite a feat. No wonder you are weary, you transmuters of old, warriors in small human flesh. You are mightier than your form. Please remember your dragon self, your archangel self, for some of you, and be the dragon warrior, be your divine self that you are. I, Elthor, will step outside the crystal cave now and let you soak in the neon light of transmutation and transcendence.

Come out when you are ready.
This is a place of no time and of no hurry.
We just are.
Let the crystals take the pain away from your body.
Float in a sea of light and warm water.
Come here as often as you like.
You know the way and are welcome…

I am Elthor the dragon. This is my family of light. I see you human in your states of readiness and unreadiness and I see with my heart space and my golden eyes of all seeing Source that you are ready! You have arrived at a place of higher knowing, higher seeing, higher understanding, higher being. You are what you are. Come out of the water now when you are ready and walk into the sunlight. The elementals greet you now blowing flower petals in the wind. The crystals sing and the tone realigns you. My hatchlings run up in greeting. You may say “Hello!” of course. They are most eager to see the subject of their dad’s stories up close. For you are a funny form to them. Can you hear them asking me where are your wings? They are inside you! The human was born to fly through spirit and to dream dreams worthy of many books.

I am Elthor the Dragon. Linger with my family and when you are ready hop on my back and we will ride through the electric blue wormhole towards your current home of Gaia. Remember human. You have been many things. You have lived many places. You have seen many worlds and now this one is in need of you. Do not focus on your loneness for when you connect within you will realize that you are home wherever you are. Realize this truth. There! All better? I deposited you where I found you with love and great care.

I am Elthor the Dragon. I depart in peace and in victory. Now spread peace and victory wherever you go and live your life in such a way that you will happily retell the tale to your hatchlings on your Nova Gaia for eons to come. And be assured they will want to listen. For when you discover all that you have been doing with us in your night sleep you will be amazed and want to retell the stories just for the sheer joy and wonder of it. You are mighty creatures. Be mighty. Live mightily. I am Elthor the Dragon!


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl