Heavenletters: The Lily of Life

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, regardless of how it may seem to you, your life isn’t dependent upon whether there is rain or shine. The good life doesn’t have to depend any more upon whether your car starts or not or even life itself.

Your life does depend upon how you think about it, however. Upon how you sort out your life depends so much. When you come to see that life has great meaning of itself, you see life according to its true value more deeply than you used to.

This isn’t quite so simple as it sounds. We are not speaking now of pretending. Pretending can be referred to as simply gilding the lily. There is a fine line between telling yourself stories and seeing life in a positive way. While you look away from True Reality, you may be perpetually blocking yourself from a fantastic ball game.

Yet how powerful is perception. There is something new you could be learning. Please do not persist in carting around the idea that all is lost. To have a glimmer of good fortune to look forward to also has a basis. Wars are won. The truth will be told. No matter what, you, yes you, can be SOMEONE GREAT. You are!

Yes, it takes courage. Lean toward courage then. Lean toward belief. You could be right. A life you desire isn’t always a pipe dream.

How could Abraham Lincoln become President of the United States? From a realistic point of view, some might have said that such an idea amounted to foolishness.

I wonder, did Lincoln desire this for a necessity? Did Lincoln have the desire to be President of the United States during the Civil War? Could he have dreamed of it or not at all?

There are undreamed dreams that also come true.

Is there not an expression in the world: “Anything can come true?”

At present, life is not a certainty anywhere on the scale.

And someday, it will be in style for all desired dreams to come true right before your eyes.

Are you as insistent as the object world hat seems to say that all dreams cannot come true just like that? Are you so certain that the blind cannot see, or the deaf hear, or the mute speak, or anything at all?

I have to tell you that I love surprise endings even as I do not guarantee them, nor do I love every single surprise ending that occurs any more than you as individuals do. You don’t love it when you find a hole in your wallet, nor do I.

I do believe in life and taking life on the chin when you must for awhile until you can see life differently. You can forestall coming to quick conclusions. The die is not always cast.

Everyone has a life no matter what you or anyone may or may not feel about it on one day or another.

You don’t know everything. You may not know anything.

Knowingness is an equal opportunity employer. Opportunity can’t be said to be a sure bet. No one knows for sure on earth what the next moment will bring.

Death isn’t all that death has been cooked up to be. Death isn’t as it always has been declared. Death isn’t the Salvation Army – for what must you be saved from when death is not and life is eternal? Saved from life and love eternal? Saved from making music with Me?

Not by a long shot. No, I will not hear of it. I see beyond a veil of tears. Come along with Me.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff