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ascended beingsI would dearly appreciate clarity on the concept of free will.

The idea that we have free will appears on the face of it to be an unquestionable given – of course we do! However, many Advaita Vedanta, Buddhist and other spiritual teachings, not to mention many philosophers point to the fact that the sense of free will is an illusion. From the perspective of this life, we can say that we did not choose our parents, we did not choose where we were born, we did not choose our sex, race, siblings etc. Together with this are the genes/DNA we were born with, which have a very substantial impact on the person that we are and become. So, our genes/DNA and our up-to-the-minute conditioning, (the sum total of experiences up to the ‘now’ moment) will always determine our decisions/choices at any given moment.

We have chosen to answer this part of a long inquiry today. We may address other parts of it later, but we try not to make any one transmission too lengthy. Our thanks to the reader.

First we will say that the question of free will is complicated for you by your acceptance of the physical realm as the totality. It is not, and when most of you examine the idea, you know this. But then you discount anything you cannot see or touch. That is absurd to us, but you seem quite happy to continue in that illusion.

Add to that the fact that you perceive the moment as a continually serial movement from past, through now, and into the future. Therefor the past and the future are illusions that do not exist and more than likely cannot be changed. You may have some influence on your futures, but the past is set in stone – for you. Not your fault. You are beginning to see around those corners.

Then you further complicate things by thinking that you are separate from everything outside of your skin. Sorry. Not even remotely true.

Here is what we know the truth to be. If you choose to accept it, wonderful. If you prefer to accept one of the other explanations you have collected, that is, of course, your right.

You have complete free will when you consider the question from the perspective of your entire self. Your I AM is never restricted in any way, not even by the laws that govern your dimensional reality. You exist in many dimensions and the laws of third dimensional physics simply do not apply in most of those. For many of you, that is largely why you feel so uncomfortable there.

“From the perspective of this life, we can say that we did not choose our parents, we did not choose where we were born, we did not choose our sex, race, siblings etc.” Your egoic intellect does not consider that it was consulted in the making of those choices. In fact, it does not consider many of them to be choices at all. Please do not be offended when we point out that your intellect simply has agreed to forget the where, when, how, and who of those decisions. None of those where decided without major input and final approval by your being. And further, those types of life decisions are ongoing, constant, and always with you as the final decision holder. How? You sit here in this chamber with us in one of your other ‘realities’.

You also consider your lives as awake, aware, or full of silly dreams. Your awake and aware states are often the silliest because of the major parts of reality that you do not see, that you discount, or that you ignore.

Man’s understanding of the function of your DNA is in its infancy. It does not decide anything for you with the exception of certain physical characteristics, and even those are agreed to. There is a growing study of epigenetics that is bringing you closer to a real understanding of this. There is, once again, far more of your DNA that is not included in your active chromosomes than there is included. Simply put, you have brought with you the tools that you considered would be needed to fulfil your plan. As your life progresses, the toolbox can be modified.

So you do have unrestricted free will. Always. There would appear to be one exception. Notice that we said appear to be. Your final destination is a given. You will arrive at a oneness with ALL. But that too is an illusion. Because you never have been and never will be separate from it. How do you know that? Because it is the one thing that you do know. I AM.

This was a wonderful question. We will very likely return to other parts of it later.


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