The P’taah: Perfect & Eternal Expressions of Source

creator writings eraoflightP’taah: You know, it is the fervent desire of each and every one of you to become the more. To become the more of who you truly are. To become that which is termed to be the fullest expression called God/Goddess realized in human form.

You have brought yourself forth in this incarnation, in this time-frame, for a journey. In a way you may say that indeed the journey has no destination because that place that you are all yearning to get to is where you already are Now. The journey of this incarnation is to simply experience transformation, to experience that which is the transforming of your own beingness to live in expanded consciousness in the full and absolute knowing of the grand truth of you.

And what is your grand truth? What is it truly? What is this wondrousness that you have all come forth to experience? It is to come to know absolutely, without a doubt, that you are in every Now, no matter how it seems, a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation. (Softly) A Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation. That is why you have come forth, my beloved ones.

So what is it that keeps you separate in your day-to-day life from this knowing; separate from this truth? (Speaks kindly) Well, you know, my beloved ones, what keeps you separate is a tiny little fear. That is all. A tiny little fear. The tiny little fear that you are not enough. Well, of course you are because you are a Perfect Eternal Expression of Creation no matter what.

We say to you that even that little fear that you are not enough. That little fear that you might miss the boat somehow. The little fear that comes up now and again that you are powerless. The little fear that you are not worthy. The little fear that you inhabit a hostile world. Those little fears you cannot get rid of.

Do not be so horrified. We remind you that you can get rid of nothing. And every time you are trying to release, get rid of, to push away, to unblock, you are invalidating that baby fear. And whatever you invalidate, you empower and whatever you resist persists absolutely. You know that one, um? Well of course you do.

So what you are here to learn is how to embrace every facet of you into the light of your own beingness. To wrap the love around what has been unlovable. To embrace the unembraceable.

After all, my beloved ones, what is enlightenment? What is this wondrous ascension that you are all struggling for? Well, it is simply the natural result of Ioving every facet of you. And there is nothing else. No magic pills and potions, no magic words, no magic guru, not even this old one, who is going to do it for you!

This experience called incarnation in this Now is for you to come into your ownpower. To realize sovereignty, to realize free dominion. To remember that you and only you have a choice in every Now how you will perceive who you are and how you will perceive your reality.

And you create it all absolutely. You know that. You create it all and if you do not like what you are creating in your day-to-days then you may change it. That is your privilege. You are worthy of all wondrousness simply because you exist because you are in every NOW, no matter how it seems, a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Source.

So how is the struggle going, beloved ones? Working hard at it, are you? Trying to be spiritual indeed?


That is a contradiction in terms – trying to be what you absolutely are. You know all of this is not about being good. It is about being who you are! Being your truth, being all that you can be in every now.

And you know when you are not being all that you can be in every now, it is only a tiny little part of you, a tiny little facet of you, a baby part – a baby boy or a baby girl that lives within the breast of you who has forgotten the great truth.

Through anguish and heartbreak, though programming, through your tapping into what is said to be the collective consciousness of your species, you have come to misconceptions about who you are. Misperceptions about your world.

Well, my beloved ones, now is the time for changement. Now. It is Now. That is why you are all here – to come to know this wondrousness, to come to know the joy, to come to experience and to know with every fiber of your being the most wondrous uniqueness that you truly are – a Perfect & Eternal Expression of Source.



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