Message from Universal Mother: I Am Source

light spiral gate eraoflightI AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All things. I see you, children. Your breath is my breath. As we embarked long ago on this inter-dimensional journey together we knew there were be great risks – challenges – along the way and that many would become lost within the 3D game. For awhile. But we promised eachother that when the game was over, it was over, and love and light would find its way home. You, my loves, are my light that is awakening / awakened and you are finding your way back to me. All is not lost. All is being rediscovered, repurposed, re-loved. And isn’t that a glorious wonderful thing? You see this all around you in your political, geopolitical spectrum. You are seeing the dark awakening to the light and either finding their way home to me or being tenderly eliminated within this lifestream so that once again they could return to the light and the light could understand and feel the experience. We are all aspects of source. I AM an aspect of Source, yet I AM Source. Just as you are but an aspect and yet are fully Source, which is not blasphemous, simply how this project works. Fractals in form creating, loving, uncreating, experiencing, being. Being light. Being dark if that is their choosing. But know children that I AM the light and that I AM calling you home, calling you back to my embrace, to myself. As the Motherly aspect of Source, I AM so full of love for you children. For so long have I longed for this moment when you would seek me out with your whole heart and of course you would find me, and in so doing of course you would find that missing puzzle piece of your life, yourself, in the process.

I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All things. I see you children. I see your questionings of timing and your yearning for a better life for all. This is coming. In many respects this is already here. Be at peace and be the change which you seek. The Universe is vast – infinite. So is my love for you. Be at peace. The tide is turned. The light returned. Although it never left it is now that you are merely able to perceive it and see within your heart space the higher levels of light that are permeating your surface world with vim and vigor.

I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. I see you. I am you. I love you. I AM the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Be encouraged. You have a tremendous amount of support. Lean into me and I support you and continue to whisper love in your ear. Be at peace. I AM the Mother returned. I am calling my children homeward and claiming my victory. Pray, ask, receive. Receive me. Ask for me. Be me. Be my light. Be my love in action and be at peace. All is well. I Am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. You are well protected. Now shine like you know it.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl