Time to Get Real; Putting Your Light Into Action

light pyramid eraoflightRight about now you may be wondering how much more intense and surprising life will get. We’ve been on a wild ride of both intensity and surprises. The last part of October is no exception. Still in Venus retrograde and currently influenced by a powerful full moon, relationships of all kinds are now taking center stage. Meeting a new partner, or improving a current relationship are two ways this energy can play out. Continue reading for insights on optimal use of these moments.

Questioning More Deeply

Ironically, when life becomes chaotic or simply exciting, we sometimes get so caught up in the chaos or excitement that we live on the surface rather than looking deeper.

Chaos example:a chaotic set of events can be energetically draining to the point that we may not make the effort to connect the dots between things.
New partner example:we could be out somewhere and meet someone who feels familiar in a good way, but for various reasons we may not follow up on the meeting.

In both of these examples, if we were more present and open, we likely would inquire within to know connections.

Looking more deeply at things is part of living in a quantum way. It really doesn’t take more “time” to question things beneath the surface. In fact, living this way saves you enormous amounts of time, pain, and suffering. Imagine that your soul mate was at that party you attended and you unconsciously dismissed the encounter and walked away. Who knows when or if you will meet him or her again this life.
A Numbing Out

One common response to our current intense and surprising energies is a numbing out. Other terms for it are tuning out, checking out, and turning down the volume of what’s coming in. Sound familiar?

Numbing out is quite different from becoming still and meditating. You can’t simultaneously check out and be present to the whispers of your soul. Turning down the volume of what’s coming in can be a useful filter for overload. Use your discernment and intuitive knowing, however, to know when you are shutting out too much. Balance in all things is the key.

To be sure, one reason for numbing out is the relentless deluge of news about the dysfunctional state of our world. Our global revolution in consciousness is messy and loud. Pretty much everything about our modern society needs reworking and balancing.
Mega Shift in Global Power

A mega shift in global power is underway. Out-of-date patriarchal structures are crumbling. At the end of the process, we won’t recognize our world. By then, we will have awakened to the divine within ourselves and to the divine in all beings. There will be no “other” to fear and control. We will have come full circle into the light.
What’s Needed Now

Meanwhile, while this process continues, it’s vital that we not lose patience. It’s important that we avoid numbing out. It’s imperative that we remain engaged with the process and play active roles. As divine changemakers we didn’t come here to sit on the sidelines and watch the parade pass by. We signed up for front-row – not sitting but standing and moving.

The light we hold must be expressed. Each of us will do this differently. That’s okay. We can find our own unique ways of expression – the key is to share our light to help humanity and the future of our sacred Earth.

Doing anything less than this puts us out of our integrity. We are not lightweights. We didn’t come here to complain about how long it’s taking or how hard it often can be to witness the hate and division we see.
Your Voice Matters

While it’s certain that we can’t change everything overnight, our energy and voices matter. Each of us counts in the larger picture. How do you see yourself in this picture?

Time to get real and put your energy into what you can change. Where will you put your energy today? How will you show up?



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