God Apollo: Be The Perfect Gods And Goddesses That You Are

galaxy eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear ones! I AM God Apollo, I am your family and master teacher, I am with you. And yes, I come to you as your friend and as an equal, for you are gods and goddesses in form – never forget that!

It is not easy for you to see this truth, but we endeavor to say it loudly and to repeat it as many times as you need until you start believing it with every fiber of your beingness. You see, you need to step into your wholeness and act as such, thus be the perfect gods and goddesses that you are, and not the little or insignificant beings who you have become accustomed to imagining yourselves to be.

So many of you are not sure, and waver in your faith of being perfect and holy, saying that you need the proof of being able to manifest from thin air, or of changing yourselves and others, or an entire world in a split second. And I am saying to you that it is the other way around, that you need to claim this truth and trust that you are magnificent beings of light – created in the image of God – and then everything else will be flowing and will manifest as per your desires and divine planning.

This is only a minor adjustment to the way you think, and yet it so powerful in having you leaping forward into your purpose as a creator, a founder, and a builder of the Nova Earth.

All of us are coming here and saying to thee in so many different ways, to trust and love yourselves, to allow that power of love to emerge fully from your hearts, just as the sun lets go all of his rays to radiate freely to warm and touch everyone. You do have to release the fear of showing the brilliance and the beauty of who you are, for you have been hurt and shut down in previous lifetimes. This is of the past, dear ones, and there are many reasons why this happened, but you will not need to re-live those past lifetimes.

However, in this lifetime you can shine out with confidence and huge smiles on your faces, for even if there will still be some attempting and trying to steal your light, mostly covertly, your light is so powerful that they just can’t get close enough to cause you any serious damage. Step up with confidence into your role as a love holder and light transmitter to planet Earth, and to everyone who is genuine and willing to receive.

Make sure you shine and shower yourselves and your entire universe with this love and light, holding your sacred space safe and intact, growing your tender and young gardens, watering and nurturing your budding ideas, while setting firm and strong boundaries so that only those who match your high frequency of love are allowed to come close to your hearts.

Your light is strong and powerful enough to nurture everyone that is connected in heart to thee, for you are extremely powerful, as we are reminding you over and over again. Everyone benefits directly by being nourished by your light, but mostly indirectly from your inspired creations and from the fruits of your inner work. And this is exactly the way it should be dear hearts, this is the way we had planned it for you to contribute to the Nova Earth and to the collective ascension of humanity, by you being in the fullness and integrity of your ascended selves, anchored in the higher realms and reaching down into the third-d only briefly.

It is time for you to take your permanent place and residence in the higher realms, and to keep on shining and radiating the brightest and hottest light and love that you can bring forth. Shine your light and share your beauty!

I will leave you now with my golden love and radiance! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle