The Council: Why is there No Answer?

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe have chosen one example of a recurring question. Why is there no answer?

“You always say we can call upon you, you always encourage us to talk to you. After years loving you beyond words, feeling exited and grateful every time I see your messages in Facebook I don’t understand why there’s no answer. Calling upon you works only for those you love and I am not one of them????”

There is not a single instance of a person asking a sincere question of spirit and receiving no answer. There is very much need for us to explain what we mean when we state that.

What happens most often is that the answer does not come in the manner that the questioner has predetermined that it should. One may expect to hear a voice speaking in one’s ear and then not hear that happen. One may allow that the answer might come in a change in circumstance and then grow impatient and determine nothing is happening when actually there is a process begun that would bring even more than one has asked for. The methods in which answers can be sent and received are many. Often, for instance, the answer arrives in a dream, is received, but discounted because it is not what is expected.

There are also many instances of answers not being exactly what the questioner desires and therefore ignored or rejected. “That again! That’s not what I want!”

What we have always encouraged is that one be open to all possibilities and accept that what life delivers will be steps toward what is best for one’s self. Then there are ways to learn the ‘languages’ that spirit ‘speaks’ in that one may wish to learn. We can list a few.

The first and easiest one is the use of what you call signs. Feathers on one’s path, found coins, repeating numbers in various places. This is very introductory, but will serve as a start. The coins, feathers, etc., will serve to show you that you indeed are not alone. The numbers work best when you tell us what you are going to use as a table of interpretations, so that we can know, for instance, what you will understand when you repeatedly see 333 or 555.

It is also best for you to understand that when you ask for an answer to a situation, the answer will be given. But it may not be instantaneous. But when you ask that your life be changed, and when your soul agrees that it will be best, your life will change. You may also wish to begin adding “or something better” to the end of your requests.

As long as we are discussing language, let us very strongly recommend that you begin learning some dream interpretation. Perhaps you have not trained yourself to remember dreams. But let us inform you that you are living in one. More than one society on your planet has known that dream language can be advantageously applied to ‘reality’. (All of these quotation marks are requested.) A simple and yet excellent example is “What is the shamanic meaning of seeing an eagle?” Translated, that means “Shamans got a message from this. What was it?”

The most immediate result you may expect is that you can learn to feel changes in your energy fields. When we are addressed, there is an instant flow of energy from you to us and from us back to you. It will be felt as exactly what it is, unconditional love and total acceptance. This, also, carries vast amounts of information – answers. Remember, however, that you are speaking to your own higher selves, your guides, and teachers. Our purpose is not to indulge you in all things, but to guide you to your best and highest versions of the selves you can manifest. The choice to follow, however, is always yours.

So the short answer to the question is: When you address your higher selves with questions, they will be answered. But you may wish to stop prescribing the manner in which the answer must come and learn to see it when it arrives. These are things that you may learn, that you can learn, and that will lead to greater and greater communication between us.

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