“Deep State” In Panic, Mexico National Emergency Declaration, Trump Prepares To The Same

free media cannot be silenced eraoflightdotcomAn interesting new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today detailing the ordeal currently ongoing to grant captured American spy Paul Whelan access to officials from the countries he’s a citizen of—that’s complicated by the fact he’s claimed being a citizen of the US, Britain, Canada and Ireland—states that this issue is being subsumed by the globalist “Deep State” being in panic and disarray because Mexico declared a national emergency and deployed thousands of troops after 6 Mexican States ran short of gasoline following massive thefts—an action they know supports President Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency to protect his nation’s border with Mexico before these massive crimes overtake the United States—all of which are occurring at the exact same time the infamous “Clinton Body Count” has risen after the body of a lifeless black homosexual man was found in the home of one of Hillary Clinton’s top donors for the second time in two years. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, with Hollywood being the center of economic power for demonic “Deep State” aligned Democrat Party politicians—who use the well-worn formula for political movies and television programmes of “White + Male + Conservative=Bad Guys”—it was no surprise this past week when top actor Christian Bale thanked Satan during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes award ceremony, that quickly earned him the praise of the Church of Satan when they proclaimed “Hail Christian! Hail Satan!”—but which occurred at the same time top Hollywood-Democrat Party fundraiser Joe Buck was discovered with yet another body of young black homosexual man in his home—the second such discovery made in 2-years, and that the MoFA warned would happen after police refused to prosecute this vile crime—and as we reported about in our 10 August 2017 report titled “Hillary Clinton “Turns To God” As Trump Plea Deal Looms And Democrat Death Scandal Erupts”.

Top Hollywood fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party, Joe Buck, turns home into death camp for young homosexual black men

With no one being able to answer the question as to how many young black people these elite globalists like Hillary Clinton, the “Deep State” and Democrat Party are allowed to murder before they’re prosecuted, this report notes, President Trump has charted a course to destroy them all—with his, most importantly, and in essence, telling the elite globalists in Europe that “You’re Vassals And I Don’t Care About You”—powerful words that hit a European continent seeing no end to the protests erupting against its globalist leaders, sees gun ownership surging as its citizens seek to protect themselves against a wave of Islamic terror and illegal migrant crime—and sees France in total freefall as it’s citizens have reached their breaking point—but whose greatest fear of these globalists is the fact of Trump’s approval ratings now towering above these embattled elite European leaders.

As President Trump prepares to address the American people in his first nationalized presidential address since taking power nearly two-years ago, this report details, the MoFA expects him to begin laying the groundwork in preparation for his declaring a national emergency in order to protect his country’s border with Mexico—a more than justified action as Mexico has now been categorized as being the world’s deadliest conflict zone after only Syria—but in order to stop Trump, now sees globalist “Deep State” leader Pope Francis, just hours ago, railing against a resurgence of nationalist and populist movements—a not at all surprising move, the Ministry of Defense pointed out, as this supposed holy man is best known as the “Globalist Pope” who is leading the attack on all national sovereignty to bring an end to all national borders in favor of “Total Global Disorder”, ostensibly for the good of the planet and the poor.

At the same time President Trump is doing everything in his power to save America and its peoples, however, this report concludes, the “Deep State” aligned Democrat Party is doing everything in their power to destroy it—as evidenced by their pushing new legislation to raise the US corporate tax rate into the stratosphere to kill Trump’s economy that has lifted tens-of-millions out of poverty, along with their preparing to enact a punishing new law to tax every second the American people sit in their cars—and who are now being aided in their “Destroy America Plan” by the “Deep State” aligned American Psychological Association who have just officially declared that the traditional values followed in the US are a mental illness—thus leaving it unknown as to when tens-of-millions of Christian-Americans will be marched into reeducation camps so they can be cured of this “illness” after they’re first stripped of all rights, money and power—and explains why neither the “Deep State” or Democrat Party will allow the American people to know that this exact same thing is now happening in China—otherwise the American people would know what horrors await them if Trump is destroyed.


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