The I Am Pillar of Light Transmission; Clear, Seal and Protect Your Energetic Space

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomThe I AM Presence is also known as Divine Presence, the Monad, the Oversoul, the Christ Self, the God or Goddess Self, the Buddha within, and Krishna-Consciousness to name just a few. It is the part of us that exists in the realms of Spirit, the part that is closest to the Divine. In terms of clearing and protection the I Am Presence is level of consciousness that contains no interference from lower forces. The I Am Presence is beyond all illusion and deception. The I Am Presence is essentially the next level up beyond the Higher Self. We could also perhaps think of the I Am Presence as the guiding force of our Higher Self.

In this remastered transmission we call upon the angelic forces working in this dimension to help create a force-field of light around us. Archangel Michael works on sealing our etheric field, repairing any rips and tears. Metatron seals the outer layers of our auric field with Golden-White light from the Christ Grid that emanates from the Central Sun. (This is our own Central Sun – Alcyone, in the Pleiadian Star System).

When this preparation work has been done we can upon our beloved I Am Presence to create a pillar of crystalline white light some 12 feet in diameter to seal and protect us. In this light we ask the I Am Presence to close any portals/openings to any lower dimensions.

This is a good transmission to begin your day. It can also be used before you enter the dream-state. The Pillar of Light will stay with you for a certain period of time. The more you repeat this transmission the more stable the pillar of light becomes in your reality.

3 Replies to “The I Am Pillar of Light Transmission; Clear, Seal and Protect Your Energetic Space”

  1. Karen

    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible meditation. It came in a nick of time. I think sometimes I doubt the power of my own ability to believe a meditation like this. We can’t see it in the physical, and it’s all in my imagination that creates it. Are there really angels there doing this? But right at the beginning I felt a cooling in the back of my head and travel down my spine. But most of all I felt their love for me. All my efforts to open my third eye or astral projection have been impeade by negative beings around me. This meditation will now block all that. Thank you so very much.