Heavenletters: Walk the High Road

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, take comfort in Me. Take comfort in life. Take comfort in yourself. Alas, the relative world does not give you all the respect you seek and deserve. You look for some kind of proof that the world loves you as you deserve. You crave that the world honor you. Alas, too often the world forgets to respect itself.

Lift your own spirits. No longer believe that you are short-changed. Respect your own worth. Don’t starve for greater legions of love. Grow love from the High Heavens. Love is true humility.

Release the idea that you are somehow deprived. Instead, be a blessing to all, including yourself. Love yourself from the inside out. Bless all. Be bountiful and feed the hungry whose spirits are wanting. You are not the only one hurting.

Raise the spirits of all those who know no better than to lay low. Lay down your heart, Beloved, and raise the hearts of all.

Life needs no agitators.

Would that the world treat you right so that courtesy would be constant. Share your love and not so much fire with fire. Your heart can lie down on behalf of all who require more love than the world seems to bestow.

Beloved, acknowledge all others as you do seek to be acknowledged.

There is also Greatness in the world. What is Greatness but Great Humility? What is Great Humility but service? For example, Nelson Mandela served in prison with the beautifulness of his soul. And did not his soul know enough to bow down to humility rather than to blaze with pride? Mandela bent his knee.

In so doing, he lifted his compassion to new heights. He nurtured his love. As he bent his knee, My honor in this simple man grew at its own rate.

Mandela honored those in all humility who seemed not to honor him. Mandela’s humility is what made him great. On My behalf, he showed you how to manage the shores on Earth.

Hail to the world. Hail to the world and raise the world high. Is not peace, love, and honor for all hearts?

Spread the blanket of peace for all to walk on. Why not you? Why not you show the world how to raise hearts high amid burnt ashes? This is how to become free and to give Me honor. Lay down your arms by holding up the flag of peace.

Do not think of this as sacrifice. Rather, you give yourself great honor and simplicity. You do this for Me and for the world.

This is your way to Me. Most certainly, anger is not the way to Me.

To forgive means to give goodness to a seeming other ahead of time. Absolutely, you know better than to throw stones. Not on My behalf are you a spitfire.

If you want to find your way Home, complain not to yourself – not to yourself nor to anyone. Create the world you choose to live in. Try it My way. Kindly follow Me, so say I.

If time did exist, put time to good use at My behest. This is how to bless the world. Be done with anger from your wounded heart. Uplift the world.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff