Setting Your Foundation; Tools for Joyful Living in 2019

collective mass mediation eraoflightdotcomWe as a society are sitting at a precipice – our whole world is turned upside down as we begin 2019. In this article I provide guidance on how to set your foundation for navigating what’s unfolding. Continue reading to understand the mindset, life structure, and actions needed now.


Let’s begin with the mindset essential for this year. Remember to factor in quantum. This means a higher view and the long-term involving cycles of time.

Your mindset must be flexible enough to weather the storms of these moments. These are fast-changing times, with ongoing uncertainty and surprising developments. Your mindset must be able to accommodate these erratic scenarios. Not easy, but that’s the goal.

Do your best to stay positive and heart-centered. Optimism, combined with flexibility and openness, needs to be at the enter of your foundation. Yes, you will have angry moments and there’s plenty to be irritated about, but if you can be mindful and stay positive about the big picture, your foundation will support you through the ups-and-downs.

As a reminder, we are here to learn from one another, remembering how to love. When we don’t see love in our world we can take the high road of spirit and learn from what we’re seeing so we can change things. Don’t allow judgments of “what is” to cause you to hate. Use your love to be the different one in the crowd, radiating your love to all who will receive it.

Life Structure

How you set up your life structure has a lot to do with your success this year. Examples:

having an established daily time for meditation and reflection
finding exercise you enjoy and doing it regularly throughout the week
surrounding yourself with others who are a positive uplifting force in your life
associating with people who help inspire your creativity
setting healthy boundaries of who and what you let into your space
discovering a deeper connection to both your inner wisdom and spirit
re-inventing how you use your time, energy and focus to create the life you want
working with trusted experts who can perceive where you are blocked and help you to transform.


A joyful life can be yours as your actions are in integrity with what you think, say, and believe. Examples:

you think to yourself how important a relationship or project is – then take action steps that demonstrate your commitment
you say to a colleague that you will complete something for your upcoming meeting – then take action steps to carry out this commitment
you believe in freedom and democracy – then take action steps like educating yourself on issues and voting.

“Predictions 2019”

Learn more about working with 2019 events and energies in my “Predictions 2019” eBook out soon! If you are on my mailing list you’ll be first to know. I’ll be giving you a grounded spiritual view of what’s coming, how to work with societal and planetary energies, what you need to do to change the status quo (yours and the world’s), and a practical guide for living your best life throughout the year. This is the third year it’s been in eBook form, expanded beyond the main article I’ve done since the 1990s. Changing times necessitated a new format with expanded content.

Moving Ahead

I look forward to sharing more with you during this pivotal year. Know meanwhile that your energy and presence on the planet matters. You are here on purpose, as are billions of others across the world. Most of them you will never meet this life. Some of them you will meet and cherish. Others you will encounter and perhaps wish you hadn’t crossed paths. Do your best to be open-minded and avoid taking things personally. Use what you see, however, as a catalyst for your spiritual path. While that path may be about countless things – at your core the path is to return to love, to wholeness, and to be one who builds bridges creating an enlightened society.


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