The Council: Several Short Answers

council of light eraoflightdotcom“When we are told that we are creating our own experience you are referring to our higher self or my 3D self or a combination of both?” We admit that our use of the pronoun you does lead to some confusion. In the case of the question that you have asked here, however, the answer is that the divisions between ‘selves’ are made by you for purposes of communication about differing functions of the whole being that you are. And we wish to begin getting you adjusted to the concept that all aspects of you are in play at all times. So, yes, you are correct in suspecting that both is the correct answer. As we have spoken before, no decision is ever taken without your express permission. It is possible that the aspect of you that considers itself to be the whole being, although it is far from that, may not remember nor agree with the choice.

” What do humans do wrong when it comes to manifestation and how can that be fixed? “

First, may we point out that humans manifest. If you do not manifest, you are manifesting a human who is not manifesting. You have the ability to manifest something that you do not desire. You have the ability to manifest something that is detrimental to you. To paraphrase one of your philosophers, you are a manifestation and you be, therefore you manifest. You cannot get it wrong. But you can learn the hard way, if you so choose. And we have to say, you appear to so choose quite often. Those who see and acknowledge this fact will now be learning how to control these abilities quite rapidly. Those who do not, cannot. Humans are well past the 100th monkey point, but being the lowest numbered monkey possible is still to be desired. Many things hold you back, but fear of what may be is the largest hurdle. Why not say, “I don’t care. I’m going for it!” Find out who you are.

” Won’t experiencing “one-ness” consciousness in the physical body (as you’ve asked us to do) significantly increase our energy (to the level of that of God!) and “fry” our physical body?”

If you had asked this question in your 2011, our answer would have been yes. However, you have received, and continue to receive, energetic upgrades since that time. By the time this would be an issue, it will not be an issue. Your Creator has no interest in frying you.

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