Heavenletters: From One Gold Tree

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, I know you hear Me. You may not know Me yet as much as you would like, yet I am well aware of you. I whisk you up in My arms, and I whisper in your ear to My heart’s content. You are not the roustabout you seem to think you are. All are you, and all am I exactly as One, Oneness all signed, sealed, and delivered.

I grant you a soul, and I take care of your Holy Soul on Earth as it is in Heaven. What more do you crave? Accept Oneness here and now!

Your heart swings with Mine. What is more joy than swinging One Heart Heavenward? You are a Divine Soul. You are a Divine Soul for good reason. Once God’s Soul, you are Mine unto Infinity. I, Who count on you, so can you count on Me from this moment forevermore. We are One Treasure. You are My Queen, or you are My King. In My Kingdom, beloved, One is Supreme. One. Lean back, and you will know what love is for the asking.

Sometimes My Words come fast or My Words come slow. What difference does it make when My Words sing the same song? I AM. You are One with Me. What more can you want, Beloved?

Oneness is Mine, and Oneness is yours for Eternity. Unified am I, and unified are you to My Delight and to the delight of the erstwhile world whether the world believes in Oneness or not.

If you like, write down My Words in gold or silver, or mark them in the sand with a gold branch from a Golden Tree. Is this not good enough? Yes, this is indeed good enough! Right here.

There is One Oneness in the sea to sail on. Oneness is. You and I are One Oneness for the sake of what you imagine as many.

This is the full joy of Oneness. Glory Hallelujah is the One Story. First the story, then its title flung to the stars.

You have always desired the stars. Claim them as One because you are One with Me. Star-filled, you and I are Oneness. Happy day. Reiterate My Words. I speak your language, and, in One Breath, you speak Mine. Oneness swings on the same star.

This is the Story of One Universe; One Voice speaks on behalf of Me, and that includes your Voice as One with Mine. As One, I am Star-spangled. It can be said I appeared first, except I always appeared at the same moment with you, all-inclusive. Never a separate entity, eternally One! What can beat this?

I love being One with you to the degree that there is no separate you at all. Pardon Me, this is Perfect Oneness. You may kid yourself that you are some kind of baggage, yet what kind of baggage would that be? You cannot be only part and parcel with Me. You are not an add-on. There is nothing extraneous about you. You can give up that idea, for it isn’t true and never was. Why on earth would you, this that you refer to as you, ever want it to be true when the truth is that you are I and I AM that erstwhile you. By God, I AM and you are I and ever shall Oneness be and no less than Oneness. Of course, there is no more.

Then multiplication was invented and thought to be a variation of addition. Nothing can be added to Oneness nor removed from it. Don’t get fancy or complicated on Me, My Very Self.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff