Message from P’taah: Give Up

galaxy eraoflightdotcomQ: Is the “Urantia” book an accurate description of the multiverses and how life possibly is on Earth.

P’taah: There is much thought in that book which you may say is true, however, much of the information about that which is called the star seeding of your planet is not coming forth because there are areas of information there which are not ready yet for the humanities to know.

Now, it is not that everybody is trying to keep things from you. It is may simply be that what has occurred in what you call your pre-history – your prehistoric times – was of a technology and a consciousness which is outside the understanding of the consciousness that you are able to receive at this time.

However, that is certainly changing. Your sciences and the information which is being discovered is a giant step forward in the knowing and could be a trigger for knowledge of more expanded dimension than was possible even ten years ago.

Now, as we have explained many times, you can imagine radial antennae coming up like little spacemen in your consciousness. Well, that is what you are, really, you see. And these antennae may pick up a certain frequency of information. Anything outside that frequency certainly passes through you but is not processed. However as the consciousness expands, so it is that these antennae expand and you are able to process more information. And the more information you have, the more you can process and so it is, indeed, like a spiral.

Therefore there is much that we do not speak about – apart from the fact that it is just another story and we are not really here about stories but for you to know you are God. But also what we are doing is to bring up information and concepts that are bound by your limit of vocabulary.

We also speak to you on another dimension of knowing – that which is called ‘heart’ – but it much easier for you to take in this information in this way than it is for us to use the limitation of the verbiage.

So, much of the information that is coming through about the pre-history of your time is coming through many times in that which is the consciousness of humanity limited to verbiage, that take pictures and you take them literally because there is no reference for you. All right, dear ones?

Q: In relation to what you’ve just been talking about, it’s been my understanding that there have been a lot of energy waves coming towards us – different frequencies. We have been receiving different information and it’s creating a lot of havoc in my body. It’s not just me. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people who are starting to go through a lot of discomfort physically because of all these changes that are coming. Is there something that we can be doing to stop the discomfort?

P’taah: Give up. Because you understand that when there is a discomfort, there is resistance. But you know, beloved, it is because you are trying to ‘get rid of, let go of, release’ and what occurs when you are trying to do that? Indeed, the universe says, “Oh, there is much energy going forth here, they must be saying, ‘Give us more!'” And so they are being stuck there.

The solution, absolutely, is to embrace it. To ‘give up’ means to be “vulnerable.” To know that, in truth, you live in a safe universe and nothing can harm you. That which you call the changes coming forth – that which is viewed with fear in many instances to be the chaos, the disasters – well, you know, the fear is creating more fear. Fear is drawing to you that which is about fear. So it is to embrace it absolutely.

We remind you all that the time to come is of great change. What is to occur is the birthing of a new planet – the Goddess, indeed, giving birth. The Earth changes are merely the contractions of the birth and how, indeed, when you are anticipating a birth and the contractions start, you feel great excitement.

Well all of you are in this great excitement because in truth, beloved people, you know what is to occur. That is the truth of it. You know and so, as you may give forth love and honor to your Goddess Earth, as you are learning to love yourself, as you are learning to embrace, so it is that you are giving forth a grand and wondrous support. It is a mutual society – you and the Goddess – indeed.

As you are coming to know about loving who you are, as you are coming to the knowing that who you are, indeed, is a facet of Divinity, so it is that you are not living in fear that you may be what is called vulnerable. Indeed everything is being embraced into the God Light of who you are.

In that vulnerability is the greatest Goddess power and people of any gender are coming to know that Goddess power, even woman, who for these eons of time have known only about operating with masculine power. So it is not only for the men to come into the knowing of the Goddess; it is for all of you because the Goddess is that which is vulnerability. It is a nurturing of self. It is the embracement of all facets of who you are and this – the knowing, the power – is very different for you all.

So, dear ones, give up! Give up!


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