May The One Infinite Creator…

If you read this blog, please take a few moments of your time to say a prayer and send your light and love to the President of the U.S.A, the Alliance and the Souls working to free our world.

May the One Infinite Creator protect the President of America, and all the Souls working with him to free humanity. So it is.

~ Kejraj!

6 Replies to “May The One Infinite Creator…”

  1. Kiranasa

    Those who know who God or Source or Creator is and what He is doing, will NEVER pray to Him for ANYTHING. They trust Him fully and know that He is controlling everything PERFECTLY. Praying to God shows that you don’t TRUST Him in what He is doing, and don’t agree with His decision. If God chooses to protect or kill Trump, it is perfect in either case. We are ignorant and don’t know what is best for us, but God knows what is best for everyone PERFECTLY. Prying to God is the lack of TRUST in Him!

    1. flazak

      The creator God doesn’t kill things, he just creates everything, sees it is good and then every so often he comes to check everything is still good and if not, tells us why not. You must be thinking of someone else.

  2. actsk8flm

    I have to admit that although I knew Trump being POTUS was helping to bring down the cabal, I didn’t know if HE knew that. What’s the reason for his hurtful actions? Like separating children from their parents, rolling back environmental protections, etc? Is it all an act? Are they not true? Is it part of the plan? Do any of the reporters at CNN and msnbc know they’re reporting lies?

  3. Doug James

    May POTUS, GALACTICS, ALLIANCE, QANON, RM, LWS, SOURCE, GAIA, AGARTHANS, everyone involved to liberate the planet receive my deepest love and appreciation!! You are the best!

  4. Thomas Ambeau

    It is time we Humans realise the FEAR Mongering CABAL will never cease causing us to wonder what the real truth is, and whether or not we have to FEAR a World War, be it with China or Russia! We must realise one thing and one thing only, and that is who is really in charge! GOD, and we have been guaranteed there will never be another World War! Remember the Words, “There is nothing to Fear but Fear itself”. Praise the Power of All That Is!

  5. marc

    Yes of course we have the “PREZ TRUMP OF THE WORLD ” always in our prayers and hearts and minds cause we are all “SOVEREIGN NATIONS” in the world with all our special individual cultures, races, beliefs ,and traditions which is the way it should be! TRUMP is a PATRIOT just like the rest of us! GO TRUMP ! LOVE YOU!