2 Reminders for Actionables: Humanity Rising

bright new earth eraoflightdotcomIt’s most important to join in the full moon eclipse mass meditation this weekend. What we have not historically been told is that celestial alignments are key times to influence events on our planet. The control freaks use the energies for themselves, but they don’t want us understanding or using the tools to bring into being what we want because they don’t want any opposition.

They don’t want us to know who we are, or what we are capable of. They want to keep the frequency of our planet low, as well as our own.

Cobra has told us:

” … Basically, what the Chimera are doing…or the Archons are doing…they are dissuading people from meditating on that day by pressuring their weak psychological spots… by diverting their attention to other things… by making them forget….by making them discouraged to participate… ​”

This is no time for apathy. We mustn’t allow the dark ones to control us. Understand the power your input will have for this incredible and unique opportunity to harness the energies to make a gigantic leap toward liberation—then choose to make the commitment.

Read more at Cobra’s website for details on how to do this meditation. Comments there are interesting, too.

It’s time Humanity stepped into their power and showed they are capable and strong enough to wisely manage their own destiny. Be a part of Humanity rising; the Return of the Light. As the prophetic fire birds, we can make our planet sizzle again.  ~ BP

Reminder #2

For those who missed it, below is the excerpt from Thomas Williams’ news of Bill H.R.25. It knocked my socks off because this one initiative has the power to dramatically change our lives in a very short time.

Thomas and the Manna World Holding Trust team have been working on this Bill since last August 2018. On January 3, 2019 the bill was introduced to Congress.

The purpose of Bill H.R. 25:

To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.

If your jaw isn’t on the floor then you don’t understand what just happened.

Some said they don’t think it will be approved this time around—but now that they know President Trump is dismantling the SES, which also puts Congress under the gun, perhaps they see more likelihood that it will be approved.

We’ve got these criminals over a barrel and income tax is illegal according to the original Constitution. They don’t want us to know they substituted a modified one in 1871 to use against us.

This is the link to the page for Bill H.R. 25 at the Congress website. See it for yourself. There’s a tracker showing it was introduced on January 3. If you bookmark the page you can watch the tracker and see when it progresses to the next stage… on it’s way to the President… and then becomes law.

Be sure to contact your government representative now to let them know you are aware this bill is before Congress, that you want them to approve it, and if they don’t—you will vote them out.

Tell everyone you know and impress upon them the importance of contacting their representative. Send them the link to the Bill so they can verify it.

Share it on social media. I wonder what would happen if we shared it in comments on articles from CNN, NBC, Fox, etc…

I’m aware of a few alternative news outlets with a massive reach on the Internet that have shared the incredible facts about Bill H.R. 25 with their subscribers and word is getting out. Those channels are working for YOU. Make note of those who do not.

It’s time to get off our duffs and provide clear direction to our representatives in Congress.

Martha McSally was recently appointed to the senate here in Arizona despite the deep state rigging the midterm election—thanks to the exit of John McCain. She sent out an email survey because she wants to know what her constituents feel are the most pressing issues to address. I told her.

If we tell our government representatives what to do, they won’t be telling us what to do as they have been for so long. They will not be able to ignore us any more if we are vocal, adamant, and follow through.

Those days are over. It’s time to get educated, take the reins, and get involved in running the country. Americans can’t expect President Trump to fix everything while they sit back and watch. The information-gathering phase made way for the ACTION phase.

The lying, treasonous, mainstream media is not going to tell Americans about Bill H.R. 25. It’s up to those of us who know about it to inform the rest.

Patriots unite. The Plan is in place, it’s being duly executed, and it’s time for the People to engage.

Thomas Williams hosts the ‘Thorsday’ Truth, Honor & Integrity Show tonight when we will hear the latest intel from behind the scenes.

Tune in at 7:30 EST/4:30 Pacific for the live show at Spreaker.com or the Think Different website for more news analyses and intel.

This video also explains the new tax bill President Trump approved including a 21 percent tax on millionaire shareholders operating under the banner of a “foundation”. Yeah, ooops! is right.

You should be able to see by now that President Trump knows all kinds of ways to fund America and eliminate debt without taxing the People. The globalists had untold ways to generate obscene income for themselves at our expense. We’re taking it back. [insert raspberry]  ~ BP


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