Cosmic Energy Report Update: Check Yourself

eclipse 1 eraoflightdotcomDear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

The eclipse energies are ramping up! This portal opened yesterday with a whoosh of CHECK YOURSELF! If you feel your vibrational frequency lowering be discerning of that, and what is surfacing within you that is causing your frequency to fluctuate.

This energy purposely throws one into an introspective state of being to purge anything that is no longer serving your highest good. Eclipse it out of your life! The past may come knocking at your door in the form of exes. This may be to finalize and gain closure. This may be to rekindle the flame of passion. Beware that if it’s lust, to let it go. This will only cloud your judgement and confuse your eMOTIONS. It is important to remain clear in mind, body and spirit, and to continually be a responsible energy and frequency keeper. That means calling yourself out on your own BS every single day when you allow your frequency to be compromised by others or yourself. An ex that caused you to feel anything less than amazing about yourself, needs to remain an ex.

During the last eclipse portal the beginning of this month, it knocked me out for a 6 hour nap. The same happened today.

My daughter told me of some psychic phenomenon occurring around her. She asked me to smudge her space and her human. I did, then went on to smudge the entire house. Then my Mother-In-Law told me she got a book at the library called Menloth, about the Devil and creation of time. Well that explains it! Lol Energies from others attach to objects.

There’s never a bad time to smudge, as with the eclipse energies psychic activity is more prominent. We are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional reality. Being cognizant of your vibrational frequency at all times allows you to navigate these dimensions with ease. There are beings that dwell in each, and we are the ones who open the vision/hearing/feeling portal to these other dimensions by matching the vibrational frequency of that dimension. If you want your Angels and Guides to surround you, you must embody the frequency of love. That is where they dwell in the higher realms. Shadow beings dwell on the 2nd dimensional realm. They feed off of fear, addictions and drama. Being cognizant of your frequency allows you to connect with the beings of Divine Love, Light and Guidance.

All planets are Direct in forward momentum!
Venus & Jupiter are conjunct bringing in the energy of love (Venus) and luck (Jupiter).
We are in a 3 Universal Year of Magic! 2+0+1+9= 12 1+2=3.

After eclipse season ends the energies will pick back up surrounding the Universal flow. But first things first, we must clear out the junk energy first before the positive flow can enter our lives. In my previous Energy Report, I noted these eclipses are revolving around our relationship with self, and all other relationships in our lives. A relationship review is in order to take stock of who you are surrounding yourself with, as anyone else will have an impact on your vibrational frequency and moving forward, or being held back.

Take note of what came to the surface for you to acknowledge during the first eclipse the beginning of this month. Take note of what is surfacing now. If it’s the same, you must put your focus to it and clear it.

The Full Blood Wolf Moon in the sign of Leo at 0° is making people a bit feisty, short tempered, short of patience and your voice is coming out to be heard. Leo is ruled by the Sun= Solar Plexus= Your Free Will & Will Power. Your I AM presence! Think Phoenix Rising, and this describes the eclipse energy of Leo. Leo also is a hopeless romantic and loves love. So this energy meets with your relationships and how they’re affecting your life; positively or negatively.

Anything you let boil under the surface erupts with a vengeance during eclipse energies, so it is important to hold off just a little longer until after eclipse on this Sunday, the 21st for any important, life changing/altering conversations. Allow the dust to settle, then approach it with a clear mind and calm eMOTIONS.

Mother Earth is feeling it too as major Earth Quakes have rumbled again in unusual areas around the planet.

From today through the 21st I recommend smudging your space and your human energetic body. I recommend journaling what is on your mind. I recommend self-love and self-care. I recommend quite contemplation. I recommend sitting with whatever surfaces and allow it to do so, so you may clear it paving the way to this most amazing energy year which supports you in moving and progressing further on your journey than ever before.

If you have worked through all trauma, past lifetimes, and have integrated all of your fractaled aspects… If you are surrounded by loving, supportive people in your life and you are at your Zero Point, you will feel nothing but peace from these energies. You may feel a bit tired during the day, then as evening approaches you get bursts of energy to accomplish what needs done. We are all at different levels of this ascension journey as some, like myself, began this process 10-15 even 20 years ago. Some are just beginning today, so it is important not to compare yourself with others and just BE.


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