Archangel Uriel: Bringing The Enhanced Silver Flame

archangel uriel eraoflightdotcomGreetings my brothers and sisters! I AM Uriel, I AM Archangel of Love, Bringer of the Future, Holder of the Silver Flame of Truth, your family, your brother, and friend. I come to you today to bring thee the enhanced Silver Flame – my flame. I come to talk to you about having the courage to look deep within your dear and sweet selves so that you can find the truth, the only truth that will set you free.

It is so hard for me and for all of us to see how close you are to seeing and unlocking the gates of freedom, because so many times you have avoided looking at your issues, issues that have haunted you for thousands of years, and yet you still turn your heads away in fear to avoid looking in that direction.

And so I bring thee the Silver Flame, I place it once more into your palms, into your fourth eye, and into your beautiful physical eyes, so that you can expand your peripheral vision and increase your acuity and visual discernment beyond the physical reality. Not only that, because it will give you a swift and sharp understanding of the energies that are present around thee, but so that you can take the appropriate action of clearing and removing all that it is not serving you.

At the same time, my gentle flame will illuminate and light up your face, your environment, and your entire being. You will be able to see into the people interacting with thee, for each and every one of them is coming to you to show you more about who you are. Some of them are bringing you a mirror to reflect the beauty and the magnificence that you are, while some others will show you where you need to keep on working and fortifying yourselves. And some others are here showing you future plans and adventures, nudging you to take the appropriate steps, not only through setting your intentions and by directing your energy, but also in the physical realm of form.

But are you sitting thoughtfully with these ideas? Or are you just dismissing them as random, ‘too good to be true’ types of interaction? We have said to you, that everyone has to offer thee a gift, and that everything that comes to you is important and has great value, acting as a catalyst to your growth and further expansion of your consciousness.

When you use the silver drops in any form that you wish…for I have offered you my silver in many ways…you then can sense others’ offerings that are brought to thee in a split second. You do have that amazing capacity to place all the pieces of the missing puzzle of your multidimensional selves together and integrate within you every particle of the totality of who you are – literally in an instant.

Allow yourselves to explore and feel the entirety of your being, and feel into every dimension and space of that being. Let them all bring you more of the information concerning who you truly are, for this is what you have all been looking for, the emergence of this new beautiful and sparkling New You, the integration of your wholeness into physical form!

I will leave you now with silver sparkles of love and light! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle