Heavenletters: Love on the Rise

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, peace is not something that reaches you from outside exclusively. Peace arises from within. Antimony is also something that may well rise up from within you. Alas, when you are angry, you own the anger.

It is so easy to see that life has been done to you unfairly. Inside, outside, there is correlation. I do not rest easy with the concept that all your past lives lumped together make you guilty of what occurs on Earth to you now, and here you are. My Beloved, when heartache lands on you, I do not ask you to shrug your shoulders and say, oh, well, this is my karma, and this is what I get.

It is too easy to blame life on past karma, as if life is done unto you entirely separate from your enlivenment in it. Nor do I dangle karma over you as if your goose is cooked, and that’s it.

You are not entirely separate from life’s present appearance. Of course, who can believe that you brought your life on in untoward ways? I do not bargain with you for good deeds. In any case, what would I ask of you or any presumed other but to rise higher? Of course, you are to grow. Of course, you are to grow to greatness.

No one in his right mind would create a holocaust, yet negativity does manifest itself. What innocent child can be held responsible for devastation? This goes beyond belief that anyone would create cruelty on purpose. I know the compassion within you, and, yet, cruelty has occurred. What is the cure?

Love, of course.

It makes no sense that anyone would deliberately hurt anyone.

Regardless, now rise as One to remove cruelty from the face of God’s Earth. If this is what retribution is, then this is the retribution I ask for. I do not ask for what may commonly be called an eye for an eye.

Think highly, Beloved, in all times and places. Regardless of unremembered past action, now you are to light up the world. Do so gladly. No one is to be entrapped in the world of the past. This is now. Remove weight from the world and from your back.

May all your days be blessed, and may you bless and light up all of life. I know you are not opposed to restoring the Garden of Eden. Pitch in then. Desist from the thought of guilt and trespass. According to your state of consciousness, you respond to the Universe. What you see is what you respond to. Give love, and be done.

Yet you do not give love in exchange for love. You are greater than that. Just love. Love your brother as yourself.

Beloved, you are your own brother. What you do to another, you do to yourself. There is no other. If you imagine you have a brother, and you imagine he is hungry, of course, feed him. Does this not go without saying? Is there really anything hard to understand about this?

What is all this nonsense in the world? What is this about one color of skin or another? What is this all about one heart or another? What question is there about Oneness and about goodness for all? There is no all. There is Oneness. I, God, am true. There is One God by whatever name He may be called, and this is true. Dissension is not true. Oneness is true. I am true. You are true. Your heart is true. Love is true. Being is true. Magnificence is true.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff