Rising of Divine Feminine; Eclipse at Supermoon Amplifies Energies

eclipse new eraoflightdotcom.jpgOur world is in turmoil on so many levels, the intensity we’re already feeling being amplified as we head into the January 20-21 dramatic lunar eclipse at the first supermoon of 2019. Against this backdrop is something we will see increasingly this year – a rising of the divine feminine. Continue reading for background on what this means for society, each of us personally, and future generations.

Divine Feminine

As a reminder, the divine feminine is a universal aspect of all human beings. Each person has an inner divine masculine and inner divine feminine. With the patriarchy long dominating society, the divine feminine took a back seat. Feminine qualities of empathy and compassion were discounted in favor of patriarchal expression involving ego power, domination, and competition. That patriarchal train is coming to the end of the line.

With society’s awakening the old outdated patriarchal models are crumbling. This is making space for a brand-new model that honors all beings and embraces divine feminine attributes.

Predictions 2019

In my “Predictions 2019” eBook published last week, I describe a mega alchemy of society under way: “During 2019 we will see a growing resurgence of divine feminine energy that will spark transformative debates within halls of power and begin to heal a deeply divided society.”

We saw the beginnings of this resurgence in 2017 and 2018, but 2019 will be a marker year for the divine feminine. Women, and those supportive of empowering women, will be coming forward as leaders of this new movement. We’re already seeing this in the US where record numbers of women were elected to office and selected to serve as industry leaders. That is only the beginning.

Women’s Marches on Global Scale

This weekend on January 19 is the third annual global women’s march – likely to be the largest to date. Why are people marching? They will march for women’s rights and empowerment within society – but the larger container is human rights and freedoms. Issues of this movement include health care, education, families, equitable and compassionate treatment of all groups, world peace, the environment, climate, and the sustainability of the planet. Stay tuned, this is not merely a trend but a massive societal overhaul.

Breakthroughs Now

This weekend’s powerful eclipse gateway can be like a lightning bolt for bringing something important to fruition. Consider what you have going on – deadlock in a relationship, stalemate in a work project, confusion about next steps on your path – invite this lightning bolt energy to stimulate the breakthrough you need. I emphasize need, not from the ego level but higher view of spirit. Part of the process is being willing to trust that there is a divine right orchestration and outcome, letting go of the ego need to control the timing or details. Next part is embodying the mindset of celebration, seeing yourself celebrating a new energy or opening. Then, holding that mindset, allowing the miracles to unfold.


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eclipse new eraoflightdotcom.jpg