Saint Germaine: Sit In The Now

saint germain eraoflightGreetings my dearest ones! Greetings! I AM St. Germaine, I AM Holder of the Violet Flame, I am alchemist and teacher and so much more, I am your brother and close family, I am your ally, always by your side.

I am with you when you travel high and also when you travel low, either to finish some personal work in the old third dimensionality or only to assist others and the human collective. And it really doesn’t matter what the reason is that you feel you need to go down into the trenches of the dissolving old paradigm. What matters the most and what you need to remember is that the old third no longer has the power to trap and hold you there, unless you give your power to it by reinforcing falsehood and illusions.

So, when you need to go down, travel briefly, do not get distracted, and do not forget to take my violet flaming torch with you, or even take me with thee to cover your back, or your front, or simply to accompany you. It is always nice to feel a friend by your side and to feel confident that you are not doing these unpleasant tasks alone.

Do not allow your ego to weaken your resolve by suggesting that revisiting some of the old issues means that you are deficient or incomplete in any way! Just accept that this is some type of noble work that we have decided to do together. Be patient and be cheerful while working on it!

Would you find me by your side assisting you, laughing with you, and constantly congratulating you if this mission were not to be of the highest service to The Mother? No, of course not, for just as we are constantly advising thee, I am always choosing carefully where I focus my energy so that it is aligned with the Divine Will and purpose!

Well, many of you here are traveling bravely through the chaos, and you do need to be that stable light and kind support for the ones that are looking desperately for hope and encouragement. Sometimes they might cling to you wanting to be carried along by you. Sometimes they might stop you in your tracks, wanting to take all the light and energy for themselves. See the distraction of the drama that is being displayed, and sense the futility of your attempting to work this way. Disengage from it if you have found yourselves caught in it because you needed to see where and why you were still overextending yourselves. Get the clues and the wisdom of the lesson, and then move along your light paths without having to spend one more second in giving energy and thought to the ones that refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

As I mentioned earlier in this message, do not linger too much in the valleys of the old! Do not analyze the past or try to force the future, sit in the now and endeavor to return into your vibration of joy and happiness, to get excited and energized, for there is much work we are doing in building the new world, that wonderful Nova You!

Stay with my love and with my Violet Flame! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle