Europe Collapses Into Panic As Defiant And Unstoppable President Trump Racks Up Victory, After Victory, After Victory

eraoflight alternative newsA very interesting new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the raging populist protests continuing throughout the European Union, states that as theYellow Vest” protests continue to roil France for the 10th straight week as their citizens rebel against their nation’s leftist-socialist government, British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered an historic defeat over her plan to carry out her nation’s populists citizens order for their country to leave the EU—a defeat compounded, yesterday, when EU leaders were left in disbelief when May presented them with the exact same exit plan her Parliament had just voted down—and all of whom collapsed into panic after President Donald Trump used his “Art Of The Deal” skills to full effect this past week with his surprise tariff cut offer to China—that the Chinese immediately responded to by offering to go on a staggering buying spree of $1 trillion worth of American products and services. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, as the American people are being pummeled on an hourly basis by their leftist-socialist mainstream propaganda media establishment into believing President Trump is driving their country to brink of chaos and ruin, nothing could be further from the truth as even during this past month’s US government shutdown, it has in no way affected the US economy that the Federal Reserve says “is strong, and continues to look strong”.

Not just this astonishing economic victory for the American people is President Trump able to celebrate, either, this report details, but, also, at the same he celebrated his nation’s “Religious Freedom Day” this past week, a US Federal Court jury trial awarded a Christian woman $21.5 million after her company fired her for refusing to work on Sunday during her day of religious worship.

Even more victories for the American people being piled up by President Trump, this report continues, are coming from other US Federal Court rulings—all of whose Federal Judges know their rulings will now be appealed to Trump appointed judges—most particularly on the US Supreme Court where Trump has already appointed two of them, with a third being expected soon as US Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is reported to be near death—and has caused, this past week alone, a US Federal Court to rescind their order banning Texas from kicking the abortion provider Planned Parenthood out of Medicaid—and another US Federal Court to make a ruling saying social media giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., must abide by the First Amendment, as championed by retired US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who previously ruled in Packingham v. North Carolina that social media is now part of “the modern public square” and denying access violates the First Amendment.

With the US Senate confirming President Trump’s judicial appointments to US Federal Courts at a record pace in 2018, this report notes, more than 130 positions on the US District Court and US Court of Appeals are vacant that will give him an even greater victory than he has now—a staggering accomplishment celebrated, yesterday, by over 100,000 pro-life marchers in Washington D.C. who “went nuts” with joy while Trump spoke to them via a giant video-screen—that was totally ignored by the entire leftist mainstream media who choose to cover pro-abortion marchers—with Facebook going so far as to actually ban all ads from a pro-life motion picture about the infamous “Roe v. Wade” decision that legalized the killing of babies in their mothers wombs—but against whom a defiant and unstoppable Trump is preparing to slam with the largest corporate fine ever seen in American history.

As the American leftist mainstream propaganda media intensifies their pretext for ousting President Trump, aided by their nation’s most prominent news media outlets—that are supposedly the Fourth Estate (the press; the profession of journalism) defenders of democracy—but who are complacently giving their assent, indeed encouragement, to this abuse of power, this report concludes, they have now resorted to outright blatant lies to damage him—best exampled by this past week’s made up story about Trump giving orders to his lawyer Michael Cohn to lie to the US Congress that MSNBC and CNN used to throw the word impeachment around over 200 times in barely 24-hours—that quickly ended, though, when the Office of Special Counsel issued a terse statement exposing this story for the lie it was—and that saw CNN switching their coverage to make the case that Vice President Mike Pence’s wife should immediately be denied Secret Service protection because she teaches children at a Christian school—and all occurring while Trump continues to rack up victory, after victory, after victory for the American people.


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