The Angels: God Doesn’t Want you to Settle

angel messages eraoflightdotcomThis week the Presence came through with a powerful heat. Read it and then close your eyes and feel the love pouring through behind the words.

When I created you I envisioned for you a life of love, passion, and joy. I envisioned you being happy. I envisioned your relationships being ones of mutual respect, trust, and upliftment. I envisioned that you would find joyful expression and have all your needs met. Even as I designed universes to work in cooperation with one another I imagined the same for you. Why then, dear embodiments of my Love, do you settle for anything less?

I know the answer of course… you have forgotten that you were birthed from my very heart – the heart of love – and you live within me. You have never lost your connection. You cannot be disconnected from me anymore than a wave can be separate from the ocean.

I am there for you in every moment to guide you towards that which your heart truly desires. I have created angels within me that purely embody aspects of my love – protection, healing, truth, and so much more – so that you can more easily relate to my love, and hear my guidance. The angels, like you, live within me. They were created to assist you in this expansion.

The angels encourage you to dream your dreams, and guide you to take the steps to make them come true. They live to gently steer you away from unpleasant thoughts and beliefs which attract unpleasant realities. They whisper kind thoughts and inspired ideas to you so you can attract that which you truly seek. They love you even when you don’t love yourselves. They are embodiments of my love for you, created to remind you always that you are loved and guided.

Stop for a moment, and ask yourself, “Where am I settling in my life for less than I desire?” Are you in a career you don’t love, in relationships that drain your energy, in a financial situation that does not feel abundant, in a body that does not sing for the joy of being alive…

Dear ones so many of you suffer. In you and through you I feel your suffering, for we exist as one together. I want for you so much more. I want you to express what gives you joy, dance with people who are of like mind with whom you can feel free in spirit, know the abundance of my creation, and feel the aliveness of my love in every cell of your body. I am constantly guiding you towards this reality. I am constantly sending you this love and healing.

The stream of goodness that tries to pour through your hearts, minds, bodies, and lives is constant, ceaseless, and eternal… but you can either open to it through your thoughts of goodness, or disallow the experience through your focus on the conditions you do not enjoy.

Focus dear ones with all the willpower in your minds, and all the love in your hearts on those realities within you that you wish to experience in your outer world. For it is within you that you can find My love at all times.

Do not settle dear ones. Go within your minds and hearts. With willpower and love, focus on what you would love to experience. Feel it. Leave the details up to me, and my angels, and we will guide you up and out of your less-than-loving situations and into an expanded, loving, and passionate existence. Trust.

I love you. I am you. Together we are One.


» Source » Channel: Ann Albers