Archangel Michael: Political or Spiritual Commitment

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomWhat is of greater importance today: political or spiritual commitment?

I say to you: The truth lies in synthesis. Beloved humans, don’t look down on those who are trying to further societal change without spiritual concepts.

Even if it seems to you that something is missing here, this is still reason to retreat to your own spiritual island.

Avoid any arrogance and adopt a benevolent attitude towards all people who are fighting for justice on various fronts.

This is as important today as working on your personal transformation – and ideally, they both go hand in hand.

But only the very few manage to find a balance between political and spiritual action.

But those who are seeking salvation in political actions and stand up for necessary societal changes in that way shouldn’t be disregarded by those who put spirituality first. Both groups of people are fulfilling important tasks today.

As long as there is no balance between politics and spirituality in the individual, it is of great importance that everybody contributes to the shift in any way currently possible.

What matters now is to find one’s place in society and contribute to the whole from that place.

Whose political concepts remain theoretical and whose spiritual practices only serve one’s own wellbeing, that person’s life is being wasted.

Neither look down nor up!

This message is about becoming aware that there are many ways to serve the divine plan.

The wizard sees that there are as many ways for change as there are people. Never make assumptions.

Neither should you overestimate yourself nor underestimate others. Don’t look down on others just to raise yourself, don’t look up to someone just to lower yourself.

As long as humans are divided within, this state will continue. It is the transition to oneness that is happening on all levels now.

Appreciate those who cause shifts in the outer matrix, appreciate those who dedicate themselves to inner root cause analysis. Both are intertwined inseparably.

Still people don’t remember this, still separation prevails, and still it is difficult to grasp oneness. Therefore walk your path mindfully and without lowering others or raising yourself.

The path to perfection leads through perfection within yourself. Unite all opposites and you have arrived.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl