The Arcturians: On The Edge of the Next Frequency of Reality

arcturians eraoflightdotcomMore and more of you are starting to see yourselves standing on “THE EDGE.”  “The Edge of what?” you may ask.

In fact, you may not know what you are “on the edge of” until you are there. The reason for this is that “The EDGE” is when, where and how you perceive yourself at the edge of what you are releasing and/or transmuting into the EDGE of Your Next Higher Frequency of Reality.

We say “next higher frequency” because there will be more and more fifth dimensional energy fields that will be searching Gaia to plant their fifth dimensional energy fields into the areas of Gaia that are strong enough to accept such a powerful gift.

Unfortunately, there are still humans who have not yet remembered the promise they made before they chose to take this incarnation on Earth. This promise was to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Fortunately, more and more humans are beginning to remember that they took their current earth vessel on Earth in order to fulfill their promise to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

However, they made this promise to Gaia from the safety of their fifth dimensional Homeworld, or Starship. Therefore, many of them were surprised to see how damaged Gaia has become and how this damage was getting worse rather than better.

In fact, your Galactic Family (whom many of you are members) have been sending more and more volunteers to Earth. When a “volunteer” comes to Earth, they are often shocked by the grave damage done to dear Gaia, as well as the lies and illusions that are too often used in order to have “power over” others.

Fortunately, when our volunteers to Gaia fully awaken to their chosen mission, they are able to begin their process of telling, showing, and living the TRUTH of their Galactic SELF who bravely volunteered to assist with the Great Awakening.

This Great Awakening is much like your Fairy Tale “Sleeping Beauty.” Sleeping Beauty was fully aware of the TRUTH. Therefore, the forces of darkness put Sleeping Beauty, as well as her entire Castle, asleep until she was awakened by her first kiss of Unconditional Love.

Third dimensional love can be difficult, temporary, and far too ungrounded. Therefore, this “gift of love” is too often NOT present to assist the “sleeping ones” to awaken to a new reality based on Unconditional Love, which is LOVE that has NO conditions.

By “awakened humans” we mean humans who have aligned their consciousness to the inner frequency of the higher third and fourth dimensional frequencies of their Hearth/Mind. The Hearth/Mind connection allows humans to perceive and accept the “Edge of the Fifth dimensional energy fields,” which are growing larger and stronger every day.

As the higher dimensional frequencies merge with the with humanity’s third/fourth dimensional perceptual field, their fifth dimensional perceptual fields are activating, and ready to receive the “Kiss of Unconditional LOVE,”

Unconditional Love is the “key” that can open humanity’s Hearth/Mind to accelerate their physical forms to be able to accept the steadily increasing flow of fifth dimensional energy fields.

Therefore, what we mean as “The Edge,” is the “edge of humanities awakening into Gaia’s NEW Fifth dimensional Operating Systems.” This “Fifth Dimensional Operating System is not bound by time and space like your present Third/Fourth Dimensional Operating system.

Just as humanity is updating the operating systems of their computers, phones and other means of communication, they also have the opportunity to update their Heart/Mind to prepare for the transmutation back to their innate fifth dimensional resonance.

With the merging of heart and mind and the update to a fifth dimensional energy field,  the awakened, and awakening, humans can more easily communicate with other humans who are preparing for their “Return to SELF.” This Return to SELF begins in a manner that is not bound by the constraints of third dimensional time and space.

As awakened, or awakening, humans become more and more aware of the truth that they have learned and remembered by attending to the “inner feeling of truth Unconditional Love will replace Conditional Love, and confusion will be replaced with the clear inner directions that occur when one’s Heart and Mind merge into ONE.

When the Heart and Mind can intermingle with one’s thoughts and emotions, the human’s brains will begin a cycle of “transmutation.” Transmutation is more than just change. Transmutation means that the frequency of thoughts, feelings, memories flow above the “edge of awareness” and into the resonance of the fifth dimensional energy fields.

This transmutation begins with the merging of Heart and Mind, which will activate your new, fifth dimensional Operating System. This “new operating system” is not new to those who have awakened and/or those who can remember their “Inter-dimensional Communication” skills.

This “skill” of Inter-dimensional Communication is what has allowed the grounded, third dimensional ones to perceive and communicate with their own fifth dimensional SELF. One’s fifth dimensional SELF is the higher frequency of their physical form.

The fifth dimensional SELF is the higher dimensional version of  SELF who will “over light” the third dimensional physical human during their third/fourth dimensional mission to awaken themselves, as well as all humanity.

Humanity was meant to be the savior of Gaia, as well as the ones who would assist Gaia with Her Planetary Transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet into a fifth dimensional planet.

These “humans” who were to assist Gaia with Her transmutation, were actually, fifth dimensional beings who volunteered to wear a lower frequency form so that they could better interact with, and guide, the third/fourth dimensional humans.

These fifth dimensional beings volunteered to travel to third dimensional Earth via their fifth dimensional Starships while wearing their fifth dimensional Lightbodies. Then, once they arrived on Earth, they cloaked their ships so as to not frighten the third dimensionals.

Because of the many cruel attacks had been made to Gaia by the earliest inhabitants, as well all the “modern wars” as well as the vast pollution that humanity allowed so that they could make “money.”

Many cruel actions were made against Gaia’s earth body so that humans could “get rich” and “have wars to have more power over others.” Therefore, Gaia’s planetary body, which had once been rich with beauty and healthy ecology, was turned into a wounded planet that was too often ruled by those who lived by Power OVER rather than Power WITHIN.

When the Galactics came to Earth they saw how the rich could become richer and the power over ones became stronger and stronger. Therefore, many of these brave fifth dimensional family members decided to take third dimensional earth vessels in the hope of assisting Gaia.

Many of these Galactics chose to take an earth vessel in order to better understand how and why Gaia had been so horribly mistreated. These brave beings came from the Pleiadian Star Cluster and joined with the Arcturians who had also come to Gaia to assist with her healing. Unfortunately, as soon as the Galactics healed Gaia, the “power over others” groups harmed Gaia again.

Meanwhile, Gaia knew that she could only release herself from these “lost ones” if humanity we willing to assist her. Unfortunately, it took many, many cycles of time, many wars, bombs, and pollution before humans, who were meant to be the “keepers of Earth” to awaken to their own higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

It was only as the humans began to awaken to their own higher dimensional SELF, that they could perceive Gaia as a “living being” rather than a place that humanity could damage. In fact, it was only when humanity began to realize how MUCH they had damaged their planet that some humans began to awaken to the needs of Gaia.

Also, Gaia, who is a living, sentient being, did not want to dissert Her third dimensional humans who inhabit Her Planetary Form. However, humanity is not learning, at least not enough of humanity is learning/remembering that THEY, the humans, were actually Galactics who had come to Earth and FORGOT.

As the humans began to remember that they had forgotten who they were and why they had chosen to take an earth vessel to assist and hear Gaia, they also began to remember that they were Multidimensional Beings who had chosen to take a third dimensional vessel to assist with the planetary ascension of Earth.

Then, at least, humanity was beginning to remember that:

“IT IS THE NOW to fully awaken to their true, Multidimensional SELF.”

“IT IS THE NOW to fully remember what you vowed you would do to assist Gaia!”

As humans began to remember their true Multidimensional SELF, they were no longer bound by their third and/or fourth dimensional limitations and selfish actions. Then they begin to realize that the job that “makes them money” is not as important as the job that “assists with planetary ascension.” In fact, the job that assists to heal the planet so  that She CAN ascend.

Of course, many humans need to “make money” to take care of their loved ones. Fortunately, as they connect with their fifth dimensional SELF, which operates from fifth dimensional THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS, their Multidimensional SELF can begin to awaken and to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Since these different aspects of their Multi-dimensional SELF have different memories of incarnations, different skill, different memories and even different genders of their many earth vessels, they are learning more about who and what they CAN be. In fact, each individual human is actually the composite of all the realities that they have ever experienced, loved, learned, remembered or forgotten.

As humans remember more about their true, Multidimensional SELF, they can begin to remember more of the lessons that they have learned on Earth, as well as on other planets. Then, as humanity remembers their “inter-dimensional” experiences, they can better assist Gaia as She begins to initiate Her “Return to the Fifth Dimension.”

As humanity “stands on the EDGE of great change,” they will begin to have dreams, imaginations, memories and physical experiences in which THEY are the “Leaders of THEIR Reality—the Reality that THEY have created.”

When humans can take responsibility for the reality that they have chosen before birth to clear old karma, the reality that they have bravely created, and most important, the reality that they have created for themselves—as well as the reality that they have created for their Mother Planet.

Too many humans have forgotten that they are “wearing” a third dimensional body, but their heart, mind, and mission to Earth is ALWAYS multidimensional. Awakening to one’s higher dimensional frequencies of SELF is the beginning of humanity’s transmutation from a third dimensional human wearing a physical form into a Multidimensional Being wearing a multidimensional body of LIGHT!

When humanity can remember and own their LIGHT, they will be able to remember and own that they are the creators of their reality. Therefore, we the Arcturians, remind you once again to “LOOK INTO YOUR OWN LIGHT” to remember:

WHY you came to Earth?

WHERE you came from?

WHO you are in your higher expression of SELF?

and WHAT you promised to achieve—for Gaia—in this incarnation?

As soon as you have a “personal need,” which is common in your third dimensional world and even your fourth dimensional imagination, you “fall off the edge” of the fifth dimension and align your self with a fourth or even third dimensional desire and/or goal.

Yes, you must have your personal needs to be fulfilled so that you can clear out the old third dimensional limitations and move into the fourth dimensional frequencies of “finding the edge” of who you have been and who you now remember that you have vowed to become.

Of course, the first part of this process is to remember the Multidimensional SELF that you chose to leave in the fifth dimension to serve as a guide and mentor to the frequency of YOU that is wearing a third dimensional body and a fourth dimensional aura.

However, whenever you are able to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimensional frequency of the HERE and NOW, you will not be as easily distracted from your higher dimensional mission.

When you are in alignment with Gaia, as well as with your fifth dimensional SELF, YOU can serve as a Portal Opener who opens fifth dimensional portals between third dimensional Gaia and Her Multidimensional Planetary SELF.

In this manner, both Person and Planet serve as living portals through which the fifth dimensional frequency of energy fields can flow into and merge with planet Earth.  Yes, the humans often serve the honored role of being “Portal Openers.”

Portal Openers serve from the Ships in outer space as well as from the human liaisons who are living on Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional planet. In fact, many from Earth visit our Ships during their sleep and/or meditation.

It is from the innate dedication of your physical and galactic SELF that you are dedicating yourselves to assist dear Gaia to fulfill Her Mission. Some of Gaia’s Missions are known to humans and some are unknown to humans.  Sometimes it is safer for the humans to not know what is occurring.

Please remember that those who serve Gaia, do so both from home on Earth, as well as from their galactic homes in Gaia’s distant skies. Either way, YOU, as well as many others, are guiding dear Gaia back into Her innate higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields.

As Gaia enters these higher energy fields, life on Earth will become more “on the edge of change,” but  also “in the process of transmutation into higher frequencies of reality.”

We the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, are HERE with you


If you call us, we will answer!

Blessings from your Galactic Family.


» Source » Channel: Suzanne Lie