Message from Mother God: Reunion

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomYes, sweet children, it is I, your Mother God. Climb up, up into my lap as this one is doing and be comforted. For great changes are in your Now, occurring with vim and vigor and it would be wise – it will be easier for you – if you just remain in my lap, my space, my energy. See, I share myself freely with you in all times, in all circumstances. For you are my beloved child and it grieves me to see you suffer and remain out of love.

Now, for those of you reading this, this is old news! For you know my embrace. There are many still who do not remember me, who have so forgotten that they would choose fear over love and it is this problem that we are in the process of rectifying. For Gaia is to be a free will love zone now where those that choose love in all circumstances remain.

All else like chaff as it says in your Bible will be scattered, blown in the wind. And the wind of change is fierce and blowing relentlessly. Gaia herself heaves sighs of relief as those winds caress her body which is morphing into light, as are your sweet bodies morphing into the higher light energies.

I am grateful to you light workers, extraordinary ground team, for you have not only relentlessly pressed ever forward expanding into love, but you have sought me at every turn.

To the others I say turn to me. You were never meant to do this alone, to suffer, to grieve. No. It is time for reunion, for joy, for lightness of spirit and for full ever-expanding hearts in full and total union with me, with your god self. It is time to remember that you are aspects of me and precious, precious aspects – fractals – of my own heart. Remember I am in you and you are in me. Remember that we are one and when the world seems to be falling apart and the old regimes topple down, remember this is what you wished to see and this is when your talents are most needed.

Hold the light. Hold the love. It is happening, children. All around you great mighty massive changes are underway and occurring just under your noses and soon, very soon, no one will be able to deny any of it. For just as these changes are relentless so is my love for you! And I Mother God am calling you home. Be at peace and remain in my embrace, my lap, and allow me to comfort you with the sweetest of lullabies that soothe and bless the wounded bits of you. Allow yourselves to be encased and encoded in my light – my white light of pure love and perfection – and be still with me. This will embolden you for what is to come – for it is already here and you are most needed.

Warriors do battle. You have been in battle mode for so very long. It is ok to cry to let out the pain of it and allow renewal in me. Ah there. Your grit is still needed, much needed. And your weapon, your spear, is love, my love. For love melts away the fear and rends the darkness.

Love. Bring love with you wherever you go. Whatever words you say, say them with love, with the attitude of one who knows the deep inner stillness of me. For that is you. When you find me, you find yourself. Do you yet see? We are one. One! I am calling you back to me. Gaia is to be fully restored, resplendent in her beauty, just as are you. I love you so children. I am your Mother God. Be at peace and be comforted.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl