Multi-Dimensional Existences: Do You Actually Fully Comprehend?

spirit free eraoflightdotcomSomething I’ve been observing/noticing as we continue this journey of awakening every aspect of ourselves/lives/realities….. and anchoring/holding/creating/building/BEing/Living our Heaven on Earth/NEW Earth everything here… is comprehension of what each speaks, comprehension of what each is doing, comprehension of what each is actually allowing, participating in, contributing to…. many still don’t actually fully COMPREHEND beyond their human mindsets, limits, perceptions, program and beliefs; there’s often limited or no inner-connectedness, there’s limited or no actual connection, limited or no actual listening, feeling, understanding of how all actually is/works here……

The words each speaks, the acts all “do”, the mindsets of where each functions/acts from…. this takes FULL CONSCIOUSNESS each/every ENERGY, and when there is no “full-time” deep inner CONNECTION, there’s no CONNECTION within the experience…. there’s no FEELING beyond the human feelings of story or personalization, there’s no caring beyond current “needs”, there’s no real understanding of anything….. UNLESS ONE IS fully deeply connected through the DEPTH OF THEIR CORE OF THEIR OWN BEING too…. and fully present and taking care with every word, taking care with every breath, taking CARE through OBSERVATION and PRESENCE with that which is spoken and transmitted out, without any judgment at all……

Do you take CARE with everything? Do you actually truly CARE with every fiber of your whole BEing, enough to ACTually ACT from this place/space? Do you live/function/exist from your HIGHER HEART and Higher Mind Consciousness, that deeply sacred connected space inside of you that comprehends all on a very different “level” than your human aspect does?

Do you PAY ATTENTION to your Lightbody/Energy Body/DNA when it speaks? Do you actually ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL, without closing your heart out of protection of projecting your ego programs out? DO YOU ACTUALLY COMPREHEND…. on every level…. from deeeeeeep deeeeeeep deeeeeep within you….. how important our deep sacred connections are? Do you actually comprehend when you are in your head or when your heart closes off? Do you actually COMPREHEND with all of you…. what’s really really going on and that it’s “not” what you “think/thought”?

Do you close your eyes to hear/see/feel/connect? Do you know if you are in your HIGHER HEART or your human heart here? Do you actually LISTEN to your own higher self/selves/Universe (YOU-niverse)….. which is your higher dimensional aspect/version trying to guide/support/teach/assist you and “lead” you to your NEW EARTH EXISTENCE, showing you everything you “need to know” to do this “easier” too?

DO you actually sit and OBSERVE all ….. without any judgment what-so-ever….. do you actually ALLOW YOURSELF TO HEAR/SEE/FEEL and understand/comprehend on a level that challenges your human ego aspect, your linear you to expand your heart and mind to see from your own higher dimensional place/space inside? Do you actually TRUST ENOUGH TO OPEN UP WIDE OPEN and shift all to a space of PURE LOVE and allow your own highest aspects/versions of you come THROUGH YOU….. DO you actually TRUST ENOUGH TO SURRENDER YOUR ENTIRE EVERYTHING within you… to your PUREST YOU (YOUR SOUL), that doesn’t live from fear, lack, judgment, blame and stories/programming/separation….. do you actually comprehend as to whether you trust or not?

Do you actually COMPREHEND which aspect of you is in charge and running your show? Do you actually COMPREHEND how to shift vibrationally, how to exist a linear reality and live a fully Quantum one? Do you actually comprehend what your actions affect…. every one of them and what you support with each one of them….. do you actually comprehend, beyond your current mentality how your reality comes to be created and that your perceptions dictate your actual experiences here…… Do you truly comprehend that when you act from any space NOT YOUR HIGHEST ASPECTS and Depths of your PUREST YOU, that you create a reality from fear, separation, duality and lack to re-experience here?

Do you really comprehend that it’s you that doesn’t fully get it, when your heart is closed… because your human heart must be wide open for your higher heart to open up, so that you can gain access to the “other dimensions” of your own NEW EARTH….

Do you REALLY COMPREHEND that energy you are feeling? Do you REALLY COMPREHEND those words, those actions and “why” you are “doing” them, speaking them….. at all? Do you actually observe your everything to see where you are FUNCTIONING FROM? Do you COMPREHEND, in every moment, with every breath…. fully, with every particle of you….. what’s going on inside of you and how to shift all? Do you actually realize that the external reality is a reflection back? Do you actually comprehend what DNA recodings, recalibration, re-configurations mean and how they occur in your bodies? Do you actually COMPREHEND with all of you, the words you regurgitate? Do you actually listen to them, feel them and observe them so that you can decipher (de-code) and encode all with pure love here?

Do you really really really truly comprehend… what PHOTONIC DNA EVOLUTION and BEING a LIGHT BEING means? Do you really really really truly get all of this? Are you wide open to learning everything a-new…. admitting that your human aspect doesn’t have a clue, surrender the resistance to “all of this” (ascension and multi-dimensional existences) that you hold still…. deep inside of you? Do you feel your muscles tighten down when this occurs? Do you consciously stop and breathe, relax your body fully, so that your heart can open fully again? Are you truly present within your current realities, expanded and observing from your highest place, your most expanded you…. the one that sees/understand and shifts all BACK INTO PURE LOVE from that place/space of PURE OPEN CONNECTION….. where Divine flow, Divine Harmony, Divinity, Peace, Sovereignty, bliss and magic and beauty exists? Do you LIVE YOUR MAGIC, YOUR JOY, YOUR BLISS… DO YOU SHARE THIS with others to inspire, uplift and AFFECT ALL AS LOVE HERE?

It’s not enough to say the words…. you actually have to listen/feel and comprehend…. on/from every level…. you have to fully understand what you are doing/saying/projecting out…. if you desire to shift, if you desire YOUR OWN NEW EARTH REALITY to be YOUR ONLY REALITY here…..

ARE you your NEW EARTH ASPECT, the pure one, the kind one, the responsible, respectful and caring one? Are you CONSCIOUSLY showing up, are you actually observing yourself when you inner-act…. your behavior, your mindsets… the things you say/speak…. are you actually LISTENING WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY/BEING/ALL OF YOU…. or are you still set in “old ways”, trying to apply old beliefs (linear) to a reality that’s no longer linear anymore….

ARE YOU WIDE OPEN so that your higher heart and mind are where you function from or are you so busy “talking” that you can’t actually hear? Are you so busy “talking” that you are not listening to your FEELINGS and learning to UNDERSTAND THEM and why you have them and how all came to be…. honoring your body as it goes through cellular cleansings and template re-construction which dictates your actual physical realities here?

Do you pull away enough to go deep inside to connect, until you don’t have to “pull away” in order to accomplish this?

Do you surround yourself vibrationally and energetically with all that supports your own expansion of Consciousness here? Do you even know how your physical body/field/surroundings play a part in everything here? Do you actually comprehend that your CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY DNA is higher/highest intelligence, more-so than your human aspect is? Do you actually comprehend or do you hear a cool word and speak it, teach it, use it…. “pretending” that you get it? Do you really actually comprehend that you have to COMPREHEND THIS on every level, with every cell of your body and your ENERGY … in order to be fully CONSCIOUS HERE? Do you really truly fully realize and comprehend that all of this is about you being FULLY CONNECTED, PRESENT AND LISTENING/RE-LEARNING AND FEELING with your every sense…. that this is a process of your senses being stimulated and enhances, that this is a full on SENSORY EXPERIENCE, where every aspect/particle of you must be connected, in-tune, present, wide open….. all of the time now……

Do you truly comprehend that when you shut down, you close off, your heart closes, that you disconnect, you separate off from our NEW EARTH NETWORK/GRID/TEMPLATE/SYSTEMS and you go unconscious and re-enter and old earth reality with your whole body again? Do you really comprehend TELEPORTATION through your Consciousness and with your bodies too? Do you really truly comprehend what it means to vibrate, with your body, in and out of infinite dimensions, timelines, realities and HOW TO DO THIS CONSCIOUSLY yourself? Do you truly really comprehend that your own level of consciousness dictates the dimensional/vibratory frequency bandwidth that your body occupies here…… ?

Do you really truly comprehend density and how this correlates to the physical dimension you actually occupy and that through the conscious activation your own LIGHT, that you can “teleport” your own body to a different dimensional experience easily here? Do you really truly comprehend that as long as YOU HOLD ON to that which is linear, dense and “fixed”, that these are your limits, self-imposed, due to your own inner-resistance that you are not consciously aware is there? Do you actually truly comprehend that you must CHOOSE to STOP, you MUST CHOOSE TO OPEN YOUR HEART FULLY, otherwise your human-ego-linear-aspect of you is in charge and dictating the actual physical reality your body/all of you experience here?

Do you actually truly comprehend what you ASCENDING IS? Do you actually truly comprehend what MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCES, and even more-so, EXISTENCES are here? Do you actually truly full comprehend that there are infinite multiple dimensions all present within the same space and your own density/Lightbody dictates the “HOW” you experience all of “this”?

If your heart is closed, you are not going to “get this”, you are not going to accept this, you are not going to consciously have this experience, because your ego-matrix programming is still the dominant aspect in charge, therefor transmitting out the “coordinates” of the dimensional reality you experience here. The process of activating your PHOTONIC DNA and your multi-dimensional body evolving is an immense process that only your Higher/Highest Selves/Soul Aspects can comprehend…. and when you expand fully to become these, to gain access to the infinite knowledge/intelligence and where you hold this inside…. you begin to actually COMPREHEND as to how you have to APPLY YOUR HIGHEST ACCESS/KNOWLEDGE to how you live your actual and fully life here…

As each surrender linear existences for non-linear, vibrational, energetic ones… ones of CONNECTION through feeling, connection with their WHOLE BODY/ENERGY/BEING/PRESENCE….. then what each considered reality will start to shift. What all placed their faith in will also shift too. It will no longer be something “out there”, it will be with your own Higher Self/Universal Self aspects….. here to guide you, teach you, show you, provide for you, look out for you and become you… as you ACTually open up fully and actually truly CARE to connect fully and ALLOW YOURSELF TO MERGE (Unify) into the same being… into ONE BEING, that doesn’t separate off anymore…. into that ONENESS and knowing that doesn’t conform to anything of your old…. into your own NEW EARTH ASPECT that is fully connected and All-that-is….. into BECOMING THIS LIGHT BEING with your every breath….. into BEing this YOU, that actually lives a 5th Dimensional Existence (and way beyond)…. that actually experiences higher dimensional realities through you…. instead of just “words” you say or repeat (which is still an activation, yet it’s much slower, because you are not actually FEELING the words and LIVING THEM CONSCIOUSLY……

Words are ENERGY… they are encoded with your ENERGY… they are encoded with your mentalities, your limits, your beliefs, your fear or your knowing, your lack or your love, your selfishness or your generosity, your kindness, your compassion, your respect… they are ENCODED and they transmit these CODES (coordinates) out… they transmit out Sacred Geometrics and Quantum Realities to take form… as a vibrational response. Your every cell transmits, your energy “speaks”, your whole body a living breathing transmitter of that which you perceive/hold inside of you as your “realities”… “telling” the Quantum Field, the Unified Field of Consciousness what to “return vibrationally” to you… as an actual experience to assist you with awakening more, assist you with clearing more, assist you with REMEMBERING more, assist you with LIVING YOUR PUREST EVERYTHING TOO…. as you RETURN to UNIFICATION within you…. by dissolving, resolving and releasing all of that separation/duality programming housed in your body (density)…..

DO YOU FULLY COMPREHEND, with every cell and particle of your whole body/BEing, what CONSCIOUSNESS IS? Do you truly comprehend how all is alive, breathing, inner-connected and how every thing you do, say, feel, hold, speak…. transmits OUT for you… and the only way you “get a choice” is when you are fully present, in-tune on every level and fully conscious as PURE LOVE here? FEELING is necessary…. you must FEEL THIS CONNECTION fully in order to REMEMBER fully here. You must LIVE THIS CONNECTION fully….. with your every Sacred Breath…

YOUR ACTIONS ARE ENERGY… these SPEAK ENERGETICALLY for you… on a Quantum level, not a linear one….. these actions are geometrically encoded and create a vibrational return to you too….. these ACTions dictate the dimension your body occupies, relative to physical density and light. Linear creates one reality… non-linear creates another….

EVERY BREATH creates, every action creates, every thought creates, every mindset/belief creates, everything is living/alive/breathing and working through harmonics…. all realities are “coordinates” that were “dialed” through each’s ENCODED ENERGY… your physical body is ENERGY…. where matter has taken form… this physical matter being re-worked/re-coded constantly on a DNA, genetics and whole body template level at an increasingly accelerated rate….. your body transmits out dimensional coordinates…. which determine the dimensional experience that you actually have… these coordinates are embedded in your DNA…. and dictated by how linear (contracted/separated off) or quantum (expanded/connected/Unified) you are from deep inside of you, with your whole body/BEing and every aspect of your life…..

Multi-Dimensional existence is nothing like your old realities were…. in order to participate, you actually have to COMPREHEND ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL, your Soul Level…. which means functioning from a very different place/space than you once did… as your “natural” place…. Your “natural place” changes from your head to your heart to your higher heart to your whole soul…. which means your whole reality will shift constantly as you make this transition with your whole body, life, being… from deep inside of you. ♥

WE are in the vibration/frequency bandwidths where ACTUALLY CONNECTING FULLY INSIDE TO ACTUALLY COMPREHEND is beyond important and necessary for these now/next phase to be “easier” and simple for all…. If your heart is closed, you will be confused for awhile, as your whole body goes through a transition from linear to non-linear, which takes “time”, as this occurs on a DNA level… not a linear one.

LIVE your MAGIC, LIVE YOUR JOY, LIVE YOUR BRILLIANCE…. LIVE THE PURITY OF YOUR SOUL…. the innocence of your pure child being reborn/re-birthed and experienced for the “very first time”, to REMEMBER the purity of this LOVE that WE ALL ARE HERE…. Live fully RESPONSIBLE for ALL OF YOUR ENERGY, without justification/making apologies for that which you see from deep inside, that others may not be able to see/understand/comprehend yet…. Live from the PURITY of that which you ARE… Live from Generosity, Kindness and Caring… Live that deep inner connection…. open your heart fully… otherwise you are disconnected and can’t experience the magnificence that’s available with every Conscious Breath….. Share your Light, as this is your Conscious Energy that elevates, uplifts, inspires and SHOWS THE WAY for others to CHOOSE to LIVE our brilliance too….

REMEMBER… the human aspect will choose fear, live from programs/beliefs and mentalities that reinforce each’s own lack of connection and inner-power as love here. This is a disconnected state, this is each’s heart still closed and living from the dis-trust state…. Each’s EXPERIENCES are to bring these walls around the heart down so that it can open fully and “let all that” hurt, pain, anger, distrust, I was wronged and blame energy out…. so that their human heart can open enough for their own Higher Heart to be activated/open up….. The whole chest wall must open/clear density programs of separation (blame, shame, guilt, betrayal energies)…. and it, as well as the throat region/back of neck and whole head have to go through immense clearing for this to occur….. REMEMBER the lower half of the body is “survival mode, manipulation, fear, distrust, compromise energies too…. so the whole body has to clear a ridiculous amount of programming (coordinates/codes) that bound each’s body (tethered) to old 3D versions of Earth…. as Earth is not just 3D as “once believed”, now it’s a multi-dimensional Earth with the coordinates for multiple dimensions available, yet to access these with your physical body, an entire Evolutionary Process must occur (is occurring and accelerating within all now).

This massive process is the COMPLETE EVOLUTION of all DNA, through PHOTONIC LIGHT (your Soul & Galactic/Cosmic aspects), where your PHOTONIC DNA is the Teleportion Device… with your physical body being re-calibrated, recoded, reconfigured constantly, as is your whole “Life”.

YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES are achieve by way of many things…it’s not just “one” thing…it’s EVERY thing…. Your ability to do this Consciously comes through your own Full Embodiment processes as your DNA rewrites itself continuously, as the grids within your body take you online/offline continuously, as the templates in your bodies and for the foundation of your entire reality are completely reconstructed/re-worked. All new codes, all new algorithms, all new schematics, all new everything…. the “hows” and the “why’s” and “when’s” completely opposite of how all once was….

TUNE IN …. CONNECT FULLY …. OPEN UP FULLY …. YOUR HEART, YOUR MIND, YOUR WHOLE BODY, YOUR WHOLE BEing must be fully on-board…. “part” of you, “part of your life” … is the limited way, the fractaled way, the limited view and your limits you self-imposed…. now it takes ALL OF YOU AND YOUR WHOLE LIFE…. from this very Quantum Space, this vibration, these energies right now/here…. ALL OF THIS CREATES…. THIS IS A WHOLE REALITY KINDA THING NOW…..

I love you! Keep creating, exploring, living your excitement, your freedom, your bliss, your magical everything too….. as you CHOOSE FREEDOM and PEACE INSIDE, as you fully connect from deep within, your body will start a DNA re-coding process to “build new coordinates” for which dimension it will physically occupy and creates your VIBRATIONAL RESPONSE/RETURN too! ♥ Tune in fully, with every particle/aspect of you… to begin to COMPREHEND MORE…. and more, then more, then more…. from “beyond” the smallness that we all once called ‘reality’, as all is soooooooooooooooooo very much more! Open your heart fully to expand to your whole body. S-T-R-E-T-C-H your mind constantly…. tune into the frequencies of all from deep within, hear/see/feel the ENERGY, the encodements, the transmission and CONSCIOUSLY SHIFT YOUR OWN RECEIVING MODE AND TRANSMITTING MODE… both. The crystals in your Crystalline LightBody do this naturally for you. Your Photonic LightBody “manages” the coordinates naturally and organically for you too! Honor your physical LightBody DNA as it works “hard” for you. Support it fully, listen to it fully and it will in-turn support you, yet not in a linear way, as it’s going fully Quantum too! (Which is a new ballgame constantly, with each next level-up phase we all enter into/move through). ♥


» Source » Author: Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼