The Fear of ECB(European Central Bank) Audit

eraoflight alternative newsClearly, if the FED is audited in the US and the ECB buys its euro there, this must be in line with the ECB’s accounts.

However, the accounts of the ECB will be much worse, because then the fraud of the debt buyout program comes to light.

Greece, with 196.85% of its Gross National Product, is the most heavily indebted country with Goldman Sachs Bank, where Mario Draghi comes from.

Juncker and Draghi want to keep the corpses buried for the destitute European population.

On January 15th it was written that the total world debts were 318% of the world’s gross national product.

Global Debt of $244 Trillion Nears Record – Bloomberg

15 jan. 2019 – The world’s debt pile is hovering near a record at $244 trillion, which is more … World debt exceeded 318% of GDP in third quarter, IIF says.

This would mean that per inhabitant of the earth would have a debt of $32,530 in the current debt money system, at 7.5 billion people. We no longer need to ask when it derails, it has already happened.

Let us bankrupt the lifeless corporations, so people and countries become sovereign again, where we ourselves again have control over our lives.

It is a big global chess game, this will now be repaired by a new financial system structure via the AIIB, which with the QFS Kwantum Financial System excludes all Central Banks and commercial banks, they can no longer create money without counter value.

Just like in a chess game, moves are placed in the right order, in the case of the Alliance against the Cabal all defences of the Cabal are systematically removed.

Five Eys spying system of the Cabal, the Commonwealth countries was put out of action so that the Cabal has to chess blindly.

This made it easier to attack pawns, tokens, horses and towers from several sides.

This is a worldwide death struggle that the Cabal cannot win, since the exact strategic coordination of the alliance (Trump with his army officers, Putin, Xi Jinping, Brics Countries together with African states. )

Today there will be a statement from the rich of the earths who held a 3-day conference in Davos, they are the powers that have driven the world population into mass poverty.

They have had to weigh up their own interests in the form of companies and power, but also personal safety, the phenomenon of yellow vests is a sign that the world population will resort to violence against the 0.1% if they continue to resist to proclaim GESARA.

Alcoholic Jean Claude Drunker is trying to take over power from Washington District Colombia, but without a fair monetary system of independent European countries, each with its own currency, this will not be possible.

At the last minute of the collapse of the Cabal, Angela Hitler signed an agreement with Manuel Rothschild, in order to hostage the people of Europe.

However, the new money system is a globally coordinated matter, which may exclude countries or individuals from participation at any time, thereby erasing the right of countries and individuals to exist.

Dear people are confident that the stranglehold of the Cabal will not last long before it is totally defeated, Money was their key to power, this Achilles tendon is now being cut off, with the removal of the FED and IRS, combined with the collapse of Wall Street the global casino at the expense of the world population.

Unelected villains in the EU, UN the running boys of Soros and FED owners have already been defeated, they just don’t want to admit it.

Then in the hard way, there are plenty of Ghost Teams all over the world who do the job, also Premium Hunters (Bounty Hunters) are going golden times against courage.

The resources and money value covered are astronomically high and it’s only getting more by the value increase we humans and add to it by creating real valuable products or services that will change our lives very positively.

Our Cabal policy is so DOM that they have not seen the cost of the climate lie before, it is an instrument to expropriate us from our labour fruits.

Through financial liberation, the Cabal loses control and power over the world.

Out of total despair, Pelosi is committing political suicide, to which the Alliance has seduced the democrats.

It is a fact that everything is slowing down if we want to, but much is happening behind the scenes, as I have been confirmed by the invitation to attend the press conferences of the tribunals in the United States.

Unfortunately, I do not have the resources now, nor do I have the time, because I have a mission that I have to fulfil.

Kind Regards

Rinus Verhagen.


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