Heavenletters: Hang on to your Star

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, be happy. It is so simple. If everyone were happy, what a happy world there would be. Happiness would volley into life. Life would be life at the sunny beach every day. What sweetness of life would not attend to you the way life is meant to. You would be strong. Nothing would sneak up on you. You would never be startled or feel as if you are falling apart.

You would wake up rested. You wouldn’t crave to put the pillow over your head and go back to sleep in the morning again. You would want to jump out of bed. You wouldn’t keep looking back over your shoulder. You would have no cares. The world would be at peace. Oh, to think of it! Everyone blessed, and everyone a blessing. You would not know what it is to be on tenterhooks.

You wouldn’t know what it is like to worry about anything before you fall asleep, and you sure wouldn’t wake up worry-worn. Every day, every hour, you would look forward to come what may.

How did it happen that you got turned around in life? Let’s shake hands on it. From now on, be enamored with life and not feel underappreciated even once.

Happy days are here again. You will surpass sadness and woe from this day forward. No longer will you even consider yourself a star-crossed lover. Ah, life will not once again contain debts bigger than what you were first led to believe. How and when did life become a heavy weight on yourself? This is reversible.

Goodbye to worries and concerns. Yes, may the sky be your umbrella. From now on, consider yourself exempt from dealing with further disappointments in life.

Factor in joy. This beats frowning any day. Anticipate glad tidings.

You are alive again. No more woe again.The fact is that all is well with the world. Despite your self-ratings, you are rightfully capable now to include everything that your heart desires.

Bali Hai, life comes faster now than you could have dreamed of. Face front. You are headed in the right direction. This is is good news!

You may hang onto what you have been told and believe in because you have always believed in what you have been told. You believed bad news to be true because you always did. Bad news was instilled in you.

A human being can believe anything, and why not? Why not start believing in the coming true of all you desires while you are it?

If you can believe in one thing, you can also believe in another.

If you can believe in bad news, you can also believe in good news. Believe in the truth of good news over bad news. I believe in your wresting joy from life.

Do you remember the play I Remember Mama?

This is about a poor family in Denmark. Notable about this often desperate family is that Mama had a secret bank account that saved the family from the hardest of times again and again. The mother’s daughter, who became a successful writer, wrote this story of great spirit.

To be truthful, it was not a bank account that saved the day. It was belief in a bank account that saved the day.

It is good to be totally honest. It is also good to have confidence and make strength come true as well. Mama heartened her family through thick and thin. Mama inspired her family. Because they believed in Mama’s bank account to rely on, they were not poverty stricken. Mama made optimism true.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff