Heavenletters: A Hidden Gem

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, you can look at life this way:

You, My dream, shine in My eyes. You fill My heart with happiness. Never have you and I been separated.

Inasmuch as you and I are true, how is it that you would clomp around in life out of sorts, disparaged, and perhaps outright cross? What ego is this you have, and what good does it do you?

It seems that life spars with you, that, in fact, life changes its mind. At first life seems to tell you Yes, and then life tells you No. At first, your dental work was going to cost you one hundred dollars, and now your bill tops off at $3,000.

“God, how did money come about? Money is so unkind. If you have money, it’s not so bad when it is demanded of you. Otherwise, if you don’t have money, it’s pretty bad. Ye Gods, there was a time when people who couldn’t pay their bills were put in debtor prison. Does this make any sense to You, God? Are there people who really want to be doled to?”

Give up on impediments. Enough, enough, I say. Come back to joy. Joy isn’t something to dispense with, not when you can have and give happiness instead. Must you be without?

Nor, dear One, are you entitled to gripe. You are entitled to release all that which does not enlighten the world or anyone. Share light and not sorrow. Joy is My desire for you.

Yes, you have known unhappiness. Sometimes you have great cause as the world sees it. No one wants to feel down. Nor are you entitled to poor behavior. What are you about?

Move forward in life here and now. Change your tune.

Be chivalrous in your life and in the lives of others. Take sorrow with grace. Uplift others and let go of thinking so much of perceived lack. Start a new chapter. Get onto a different page. Do not keep on singing the same old song. Sorrow is not meant to be a stopgap. Nor are you to dwell on sorrow, nor are you to be proud of sorrow nor feel demeaned by it. Sorrow may be, yet brag about something else. Unselfishness is not meant to be a sacrifice. Unselfishness is courage. Don’t justify that which is not to go on forever.

If you must, do your crying, then repudiate attention on the suffering. Grief exists, yet you don’t have to make grief the sum total of your life. From the way life on Earth is seen, life is tragic. Yes, there is plenty of cause to weep. There is also plenty of cause to rejoice. I do not diminish how deep the loss of a loved one is, for death seems to be interminable. Death is seen as forever, when, in truth, it is life that is forever.

Beloved, anything can change. The world turns. The sun comes out. Rain falls. Bless yourself. Bless the sun, and bless the rain.

Someone in your life died recently. Life may have held a great trial for you with this person until you finally became emboldened to say to Me:

“Thank You, God, for this dear friend who came to mean so much to me in this world. Out of all the myriads of people whom at first I struggled with, I miss him so much. Why did it take me so long before I recognized this friend as a rare gem when it is so clear to me now?”


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff