The Council of Radiant Light: The Universe Wants to Play with You

collective masters eraoflightdotcomHello Dear Ones!

The world is mysterious and magical. It is a playground ripe for you to have a fabulous time. Are you flying high? Are you soaring to new views? Are the elevated vibrations available within you, flowing forth? Sinking into your way of being?

Are you noticing when you allow your flow, when you’re easy about life, your own energy feels so much better?

Your energy not only feels better it’s different! When you allow your flow there’s also more of you being here, you know? And you’re making that real – it’s not US. It’s just more and more of YOU, because you’re letting yourself be, and you’re lining up with you. What makes you “more you,” is your alignment, which functions literally as energetic openness.

Your alignment, you choosing to feel good, is in a sense Your Permission. You giving the Universal You the go-ahead. You allowing more of your flow. And this changes your state, and your energy here. You gradually build your energy field by allowing your flow with less resistance. It changes you and when you’re different, energetically, what you translate vibrationally into experience – what you KNOW as LIFE is different too. Different, accordingly!

It is a powerful thing to consciously allow your own fullness, your own higher vibrational energies, to flow forth into your life experience.

It is a powerful thing in human form to open to higher vibration fields and USE this connection to build your presence. How very smart of you! How very wonderful for everything that is, that you have come forth in this way at this time. Don’t you know, beloveds, the Universe wants to play with you!

The more you embody your own fullness AND, and we say this with great emphasis, the more present you are on Earth, the more you allow your lower chakras and your body, to be infused with the fullness of you, integrating it all through the infinite wisdom of your inner knowing…as you do that, the more fun life becomes and the more fun we can have. And with you, mind you, we mean, through you, as you, and felt within the wholeness, the Universal ALL that is Life.

What we’re talking about is You the Beloved One, allowing your true Creatorship to shine, and you soaring high on planet earth, and wow! That is it good to see, to feel, to know, to share in! Thank you! We celebrate you!

So realize the Universal aspect of YOU; that fully confident universal aspect of your own presence. It’s in there, in your energy field, the Universal You, All the time! The Universal Wisdom you are, the Universal Spirit you are, the Universal presence you are, and also the Universal Laurel & Hardy that you are. Laurel & Hardy were an American comedy team and we’re using their names, the idea of them to highlight what you are with your Universal aspects: a team that knows how to have fun! We’re saying this to catch you off guard a bit, for in the experience of newness or the unexpected, your awareness tends to sharpen. You become, actually, more clear, as you become more present, curious about what is happening, as it is outside the very familiar.

You get very used to the familiar and it can dull you a bit, in terms of awareness. But we digress…(Smile.)

Your Universal aspects want to play with you and the Universe as a whole wants to play with you. Don’t you see the humor in the guidance you get? Don’t you see the humor in the little winks the world gives you? People with the last name “LIGHT” when you’re looking for a new home, a place you end up visiting and discover it is known for growing apples, when you grew up on Apple tree Lane…a serendipitous encounter that brings to mind your favorite cartoonist, the one who drew that silly, fun, loving dog Snoopy, because the person lives in a place that has an airport named after him and they happen to tell you this and the Peanuts comics being a favorite of yours. Plus the fun of remembering those wonderfully love-filled amazingly playful comics with kids and a dog. These things have happened lately for some of you and we choose them to articulate here to point out how much life is aware of you and how playful life really is!

Do you see how much fun you can have here? Do you see that you get to choose? That you get to choose how it happens for you? It can be a blast, or not. It’s up to you.

So dear friends, we invite you to choose fun. We invite you to intentionally drop any remaining seriousness that you feel about your Earth life, and open to the playfulness within the Universal and bring yourself into more fun and in essence into more balance. Because this is so much more of who you truly are – light, happy, free and experiencing life as fun!

Earth life has been sooooooooo serious for so many of you for so so so long! Enlightenment-seeking, self-aware humans have become so serious! About so many things. Fighting for this. Feeling the need to transmute that. Feeling they must help with this. Feeling they must fix that. Feeling unworthy of this. Feeling incapable of that. Always trying to overcome things. Believing that life is transactional and you “must do this, to get that…”

Let go! Let go! Let go.

Drop polarized ideas of right and wrong, better and worse, and healing and fixing and saving, and reclaim your wholeness! Choose through resonance and with joy. Move toward what calls to you from within. Use the inner knowing and your emotions as your guidance system and let go of rules, of systems that prescribe methods and instead live in the present, freely and let your wholeness give to you!

Your wholeness already IS. Let it be and let it flow.

Step into your glory and let all those projects of should, ought to, have to, need to, must, go! Let go of all the ideas that this is better, cooler, more spiritual, more loving be and just see without any filters that are value laden. Let yourself instead tune to joy, to pleasure and consider:

What do you want? What would get you giggling? What could you open into that would just really make your toes curl up and your heart sing? What would give you that elated, enthusiastic feeling you had in your best childhood moments? Not that you want to repeat your childhood, but you want that vibe, + The more YOU, the Universal You which is coming forth in this now moment.

The Universal You is so confident. It’s so sure of love. It’s so filled up. It’s so capable and so resourced and so connected and so perpetual that it just IS and so when the Universal You enters the game, you start to want more pleasure. You start to feel the pleasure and happiness are natural and so you choose them. And ease too…

You start to want ease. You start to want fun and silliness. Playfulness. You don’t worry about drinking a little too much wine, sleeping a little too late, laughing a little too loud, saying exactly what you think and feel … you become less careful and more spontaneous. You start to be you with a little amplification and release and it’s all so liberating!

Your body is going to really start to hum when you go there. When you go with YOU!

When you go with what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking And then in the midst of all this you are going to start being able to see so much humor in stuff. Do you notice the great mystics of your history all had a kind of irreverent sense of humor? They found all kinds of things amusing. Funny even. Laugh out loud or gentle smile funny, but funny.

That’s because it’s a game. IT”S A GAME. IT”S A GAME. Did you forget that? That being here is a game, or like a day at a very expansive amusement park. Of course you didn’t forget, but you could take this much more literally than you do. Mostly you haven’t yet really let that inform you, create you, structure your being, dissolve the ideas and beliefs that become obsolete when you reclaim who you truly are and align with the Universal You and let yourself flow!

Why don’t you invite that to happen?

You get to choose, you know. How you feel is always up to you, always of your own making with what you do in focus, what you make real using attention.

Why don’t you question everything and see if you really still like it, feel it, believe it want it around? Why don’t you move toward what feels good even if it’s just another nap right now? ha ha ha.Napping. So delicious. Seasons are changing and soon summer will be coming for so many of you, also delicious. Think of how much you lighten up with even the mention of the word summer. How about lazy summer? How about lazy summer afternoon? Doesn’t that sound good? Isn’t life available to you as one endless lazy summer afternoon? Naturally you don’t want all moments to feel the same and you don’t want boredom, but you most definitely want play and you most definitely want pleasure. At least if you’re soaking up these higher vibes you do – in that arrangement of vibration, you want it! You want life to feel really really good!

And you want it because the universe within you wants to play with you. Wants to see what you can do together. You and the vastness of you.

The Universal You wants to use the landscape of your life as a stage in which to unfold new acts that get you hilariously smiling and laughing with the poetic synchronicity and the amazing timing and the breathtaking beauty of it all. Humor is all about timing right? And truth. And life is all about alignment and alignment brings forth an expanded experience of timing and a brilliant clarity that sees the truth.

The truth of your being and what’s singing to you is all around you and more and more you’re going to see it, the little winks from across the room, from the song on the radio, from the little discoveries in your life that show you, ALL THAT IS IS WITH YOU, all that is is with you and playing with you and really this is You remembering how to play with different aspects of you.

Life here is you playing with different aspects of you.This is what being an eternal being is all about, extending into form and expressing and playing for the pleasure of it, for the expansion it generates..

We encourage you to claim this as your MISSION: TO PLAY WITH THE UNIVERSAL WITHIN YOU and to see how you’re begin lured out into the afternoon sun for some fun.

Enjoy it. That’s the whole point you know. expand, experience it, create, experience it, extend into new forms, experience it…be aware of it all as YOUR CREATION and enjoy that.

You here, as LIFE, as ALL, playing with the infinite other aspects of your own wholeness, for the fun of it.

Now that’s a game changing viewpoint, isn’t it? A view that makes the whole thing feel really different and in fact, it becomes different as you let it be so.

Dream big. Play all out. Give your heart fully to it all and have a great time here.

Soar! That is our message to you as you start this new year, here, now and every moment really, can be that way. The sky is just the beginning. There is so much more than you can see, and it’s all within you. Follow the fun. Follow the joy. Follow the pleasure and discover that version of life as you!

All of Life is here, aware of you and responding to how you use your attention. You make real what you treat as real. What if you decided to make this game your reality? How good could it be? How much fun could it be to allow your life right here right now, to be play?


» Source » Channel: Ailia Mira