The Pleiadians: The Winds Of Change

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved ones we greet you, The winds of change are flowing strongly across your planet, further expanding the energetic platforms, which are being held by the pulse that is being generated through the magnetic core within Earth. Through these expansions many diverse multidimensional realities are being revealed to you.

Knowledge and understanding is being unveiled, and is accessible to you through your Heart connection. Remember your Heart cells have transformed since the anchoring of the ‘Corridor of Light’ at the moment of the change of your New Year. The cells have been activated on a multidimensional level to allow you to engage in a specific format with the Higher Realm of Self. This new engagement by you, with your Higher Self is a destiny moment that was pre designed for your self-realization.

This is your moment to shine forth your light, which is generated from your heart cells outwards to humanity. The light carries a form of love that is endless. This light flows in a circular motion and gathers in momentum as it moves outwards, almost like a spiral.

Each one of you has an unlimited potential to allow this shinning to activate within your Hearts. Through a conscious choice action you can initiate this movement by free will and an active engagement within your Heart space.

We witness you as you bring forth your light into the world.


The Pleiadians.


» Source » Channel: Christine Day