Activation; February Energy Forecast

astrology eraoflightdotcomIt is the energy of a spark, of ignition, of a burst of creativity or destruction. It is a month of passion, friction that causes change, and the adjustment necessary to re-balance and re-group. There is movement and action, and the need to channel this energy constructively for new insights, motivation and productivity.

Emotional discontent fuels the impulse, the friction and the desire for change. It is a time when reconnecting with your passion is not only possible but advisable. What have you denied yourself? The need for adventure this year becomes an ally and the passion mode takes hold. Fortunately, we also have some very grounded aspects that will help tame this potentially volatile energy from frying everything in its path.

Let’s talk about the discontent. There is an aggravated energy that is pushing us towards conflict or breakthrough, new insights and new solutions, and moving us through our discontent and maybe even anger. You must remember to accept this as an important energy that creates the necessary friction for a spark to take place that ignites a circumstance that creates a window for something new to happen and a resolution to be found.

The discontent can hit your emotional, intellectual or moving center. Discontent in the emotional center is more likely this month as we are still working through old emotional debris. Purely intellectual discontent does not usually have a charge. The charge is the emotional aspect of the discontent. The best thing to do is to observe it first, then ask what it is related to, before you just go off the rails and blame someone or something, then ask for help and support in breaking through to another landscape. (a good exercise is included in our monthly support audio)

This month we are looking at what we have a passion for, what wants to reignite, what demands to be activated, perhaps something that we have denied ourselves or put on the back burner while handling life, karma and other things. For example, if you always wanted to grow vegetables but never had the time, you can set a new intention for that passion this month.

The core of our creative self wants to burst forth into new territory even as we are reluctant on some level to take the leap into that unknown. (there is a good exercise in this month’s support Mp3 that will help you with this)

The key is to keep looking forward instead of chewing on the past and the discontent of what did or did not happen. You can get stuck there and since the energy will activate regardless of your resistance, you may be activating something destructive instead of productive. The creativity of the month makes it possible to not only see things in a new light, but to experience a complete reset in your belief about what is possible. So be optimistic and keep a “don’t know mind” while in total trust that spirit can take care of things in a way that you cannot yet see.

Movement and action are a big part of this month as well. The masculine is engaged, needs a reintroduction, an acceptance and an outlet. What gets activated both emotionally and physically could be an aggressive passionate desire that needs to go somewhere. It needs an intention and it needs a task. Even if that task is back in January still cleaning things out, it is still movement. If nothing else, you need to stay active physically and keep a good physical task in your pipeline.

Make sure to move through any resistance with grace and ease, allowing for the openings and the space for new insights, healing, resolution and growth with as much creativity and enthusiasm, optimism, humor and fun as you can muster.

On the other side of all of this aggravation and discontent is the potential for real growth and evolution leading to greater prosperity and self-realization. Sometime it is realizing what you don’t want and what you have been missing is just the spark you need to get going. It is time to acknowledge what your passion is and allow it to be activated as a viable expression and support in your life.


There is great healing that can take place regarding old emotional wounds related to deprivation and the ensuing self-deprecation of your talents, passion and dreams. How many of us had dreams way back when that never actualized because of what someone told us or some judgment that we or someone else put on what we thought we could and should do with our lives? How long have you been depriving yourself of that dream? How long have you been carrying that wound and disappointment in your emotional body? When did you shut off the passion that fueled your desire for it?

This is the month when you can accept what wants to be activated and trust spirit to lead you in the right direction. Do not waste any time in regret, and forgive when and where necessary to keep the energy moving. Mostly you will be forgiving yourself for not having the courage to simply go for it. This is the month when your old dreams can come forward again with new wings and new insights.

The challenge this month will be to curb your aggravation, irritation and resistance to what is being activated. Hold each experience as an opportunity to follow your heart and to trust that your emotional process is reconnecting you to your passion. It may not feel like movement forward but as long as you have the intention of activating what is right for you, you will be on the right track.


Activating sparks of interest, activating threads of inspiration that were dropped along the way, activating creativity, activating re-evaluation, activating old wounds, activating desires to connect and go deeper are all possible this month and each of these will affect different relationships in different ways.

Probably the most significant ingredient will be the activation of your own passion for where you want to put your energy. When you are more vital, your relationships will be more vital as long as they are not resistant. If you are in any relationship that compromises your ability to express and go for what you want, there may be difficulty and challenge and a need to make some hard choices.

Freeing your creativity allows for breakthrough and redefining your position and role in some of your relationships especially where you have put out more than you have received. These relationships will come under scrutiny and possibly need a new set of rules. Most relationships will benefit from the rediscovery of passion but some may be threatened by the change that may come with new boundaries.

This is also a month where you have the opportunity to forgive, forgive and forgive. Don’t get caught in the blame game, the self -deprecation game or the judgment game. Get neutral and get on with it. Your emotions are too valuable to waste on negativity as they bring power to wherever they are focused. So, let’s focus them on your passion, your desires, what you want, and where you are going.


This month you get to watch how your beliefs about your health activate physical, mental and emotional conditions. This means that you can activate an illness overnight and you can also activate healing and good health overnight. This is easier said than done but you will need to observe how your thoughts really do have an impact on your health and well-being.

Issues with health almost always have an emotional component that is connected with the condition. Emotions are powerful expressions and should be harnessed for positive intentions. Even if the emotion is a hard one like anger, it is still a powerful energy that can influence that activation, that spark, creating the space for something new to occur. Pay attention this month and you may be surprised at how quickly some things turn around and how slowly others do based on your beliefs and emotional attachments. Study the why of it and you may get some insights.

Challenges this month will be digestion, joints and great swings in energy levels.


A great month to start anything new as long as you have a true passion for it. New partnerships, work teams and collaborations can come together very quickly and feel just right. If they don’t and you feel a tremendous effort around a partnership or project, it may be time to restructure. Activation here will happen naturally and around something that is ready to be activated. There is no effort needed and sometimes not even careful planning is necessary as long as the intention is clear.

This is where you trust that if something is coming together very easily and being activated with no effort, it is probably the right thing at the right time. Beware of negative activations that can cause conflict, disruption, chaos and destruction in a workplace or on a project. This usually happens when someone is triggered and they project a personal negative reaction onto others. You may need to set some boundaries and definitely not take anything personally. Have compassion for those who are not doing so well with this energy. It is best to stay out of other people’s drama and continue to be inspired by your own success. Remember that jumping into the collective pool of discontent will not save the world. So, improve your own life and the rest will follow.


Activation in the environment looks like intensity, drama and unpredictability all of which we may have this month. Be flexible in your plans and enjoy the passion in the environment instead of resisting it. Harness the need for adventure and look at weather intensity through that lens.

Because of the creative/destructive nature of the times, the intensity of the weather and climate can sometimes be destructive and change the landscape in radical ways. Sometimes there is trauma involved. Remember that this is a year of Earth and Water, sometimes stable, certainly in the limelight and sometimes very unstable supporting whatever we need for our own change and evolution. Look to your own relationship both with water and with earth. When was the last time you said a prayer to each of these powerful elements? When was the last time you voiced your gratitude for the life-giving properties of each one with a new commitment to cherish and take care of them as powerful allies?

We are moving into the year of the Earth Boar in Chinese Astrology on February 5. This influence will further support your need to create a nurturing environment for yourself whether it is upgrading your home or workplace or even just what is in your closet. This is a grounding influence that will also inspire you to spend more time outdoors. So, start planning your outdoor adventure now with passion and enthusiasm!


February 1-7: This is an unstable time activated by the New Moon on the 4th. Instability can be a useful influence if you think about the creativity behind it. If you are faced with a bit of chaos during this time, focus on what you can create that is new out of the chaos instead of getting lost in the resistance and discontent. You may experience aggravation and a need to be more organized but don’t get stubborn about some intention from the past. Instead make room for something new.

As we approach the New Moon on the 4th and the Chinese New Year on the 5th, the energy of change is palpable and we can feel driven to push for breakthrough and passionate self-expression. Be careful not to railroad your discontent over others. Take responsibility for your emotions as they may get activated during this time. There is a need for introspection to get clarity on what is yours and what belongs to others. There is also a need to keep the energy moving so you don’t get stuck. You may have days where you feel both and don’t be afraid to bounce new insights off people that you trust for a second opinion.

February 4: New Moon is Monday, February 4 at 2:04 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This New Moon is very activating and care must be taken not to project or misread the emotional content that may be coming up. Your creative energy wants to be freed and sometimes what brings that about is a spark or ignition fueled by discontent and aggravation. The ultimate goal for this new moon is to activate and free up your creativity so it is important that you move through the irritation and other edgy emotions as quickly as possible and keep your eye on the goal.

What helps is to focus on the bigger dreams and passions that you wish to reconnect with even though they may seem very far away at this time. Be as neutral as possible about your discontent with the intention of using it as an ally for change. Keep your vibration as high as possible by doing something that is inspiring to you. And if you are still cleaning and clearing, do a bit of that today as well.

Take advantage of this new moon and join Jose for a very helpful remote Shamanic Healing Monday February 4 at 7PM (link here)

February 5: Chinese New Year: This Year of the Earth Boar will help you to be grounded and practical. Connect with the Earth Boar as an ally to bring your intentions and dreams into focus and to increase your prosperity this year.

February 8-14: This is an emotional window that is also very active in movement and change. There is an aspect of the masculine that is best channeled into specific tasks and physical activity. Be proactive at this time so that “you make it happen” instead of “it happening to you”. Use your emotions to connect with what you have a passion for instead of falling into anger or blame. This is also a good time to rekindle emotional connections to important relationships. The collective agreement of Valentine’s Day as a time for love opens that field so take advantage of it.

If your life is unstable at this time, keep “don’t know mind” with the intention that it will find a new rhythm as you move through into breakthrough, creativity and passion.

February 15-21: This is the best time frame for initiating and activating something new that has to do with what you have a passion for. Even if it is just a plan for now, what you plan will be empowered. Be careful what you ask for. Alongside the plan come boundaries and new rules for yourself and for others. Be grounded and practical when you set up your structure but at the same time leaving room for creativity to bring in something unexpected. Remember that intentions fueled by emotion and passion are more powerful than any idea that comes from the intellect. So, take your ideas and see if they have an emotional charge to them or not. Work with the ones that do. For the ones that don’t, ask yourself why? Who are they a good idea for, you or someone else?

February 19: Full moon is Tuesday, February 19 at 8:53 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) More on the full moon will be sent as a Power Path Update (sign up above, at top)

February 22-28: There is a lot of energy available during this time. It may be challenging to sort through priorities especially when so much is activated and there is creativity, enthusiasm, excitement, impatience, irritation, confusion and chaos. You may need to carve out some alone time to reflect on what is important to you so you can get clarity about those priorities.

There is also a need during this time to take a break, take a breath, and see what is manifesting easily and what is not. This is a time of adjustment based on choices and decisions that come from what is being activated. Some of the adjustment may be coming from others that have made choices and set new rules that may affect you. Don’t feel victimized. Stay neutral and see every situation as an opportunity for your own change and evolution. You don’t always have to see or know how and when, just trust.

Have a wonderful month!




» Source » By Lena Stevens