US Military Shock Raids In Los Angeles Preparing For High Profile Arrests

freeworldnews eraoflightdotcomAn intensely worded new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the combat deployment of the 5P-42 Filin (Eagle-Owl) weapons system to Russian Naval warships that’s able to cause hallucinations, blindness and vomiting when striking enemy forces—along with the order to begin creation of land-based hypersonic nuclear armed missiles with 500km+ range and placing the new heavy inter-continental ballistic nuclear armed missile RS-28 Sarmat on combat duty—are measures needed to protect the Russian Federation as President Donald Trump prepares to decapitate his “Deep State”-Democrat Party leftist-socialist enemies—an action soon coming as evidenced by elite US military forces, just hours ago, having begun practice runs in the leftist-socialist capitol of Los Angeles-California to capture top enemy leaders. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, this past December-2018, radar screens across nearly the entire American Midwest region began to be flooded with chaff ejected from US military warplanes—that was quickly followed by US military warplane chaff disbursements lighting up radar screens all along the American Eastern Seaboard from Maine to Florida—and whose main purpose of in US war zones around the world is to shield from radar view the movement of 160th Special Air Operations Regiment (SOAR) forces—who are known as the world famous Night Stalkers who maintain a fleet of highly customized MH-6M and AH-6MLittle Birds helicopters.

Also since December-2018, this report notes, MoD intelligence analysts began documenting 160th Special Air Operations Regiment forces being redeployed from the US war zones in Syria and Afghanistan back to the United States—with their mostly being concentrated on the East and West coasts of the US—and whose first action began yesterday when nightfall began in Los Angeles-California that was preceded by a US Navy P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol and surveillance aircraft being launched and establishing a mysterious circular flying pattern for hours in some of the busiest airspace in the United States20,000 feet over downtown Los Angeles—that was than followed by a fleet of Little Birds helicopters conducting combat infiltration and extraction maneuvers—with it only being revealed to the public after this military event had begun that an ongoing special operations exercise in Southern California dubbed Emerald Warrior-Emerald Trident was taking place.

US Navy P-8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft flies for hours in circular pattern over Los Angeles-California on 4 February 2019

Name given and forces used in this special operations exercise in Southern California dubbed Emerald Warrior-Emerald Trident shows US Army-Navy and Air Force involvement

Though the Russian economy has grown its most in six years despite Western sanctions, and that has caused its stock market to hit historic highs, this report warns, the same cannot be said about the West as the European Union nation of Italy has just spiraled into an economic recession that now threatens to drag the rest of the Western world down with it—and when hitting the United States now sees its elite leftist-socialists planning to use it to sweep them into power.

Most feared by these leftist-socialists in America plotting everything in their power to take back control of their nation, this report explains, has been President Trump having exposed them as being power hungry maniacs knowing nothing at all about economics—as socialism only knows how steal other peoples money, not how to use it—and best exampled this week alone by the Democrat Party controlled State of New York stunningly announcing it’s lost nearly $3 billion in revenue as thousands of its citizens continuing fleeing from its high tax tyrannical rule—and the equally tyrannically Democrat Party ruled State of New Jersey shockingly imposing a new “Rain Tax” on its citizens to steal more of their citizens money every time it rains.

The greatest threat to President Trump, however, this report notes, is the State of California—that remains in open rebellion against the US government and whose Democrat Party leaders are being aided by “Deep State” intelligence operatives intent upon destroying Trump whose treasonous actions are now warned “border on mutiny”—and in the past few days has seen a California federal judge shockingly ordering Trump to begin placing in the US military non-citizens without giving them background checks first—their US Congress representatives joining with their Democrat Party allies to become the “Party of Satan” by their blocking a law making infanticide (the killing of babies) in the United States illegal—and many of whom last evening, went to the Flashpoint Gallery in Washington D.C. to view an “art exhibit” where they gleefully and despicably threw crumbs at a First Daughter Ivanka Trump lookalike vacuuming a floor because it was “surprisingly pleasurable.

Democrat Party leaders demonically delight in throwing crumbs at First Daughter Ivanka Trump lookalike

With shocking new documents just released proving that Special Counsel Robert Mueller lead attorney Andrew Weissmann illegally tipped off CNN to the arrest raid of former President Trump advisor Roger Stone last week, this report concludes, an even more explosive revelation shows that Hillary Clinton herself paid $500,000 to set up the infamous Trump Tower meeting alleging Russian collusion—all of which, and more, has led American legal scholar Jonathan Turley to begin sending warnings to these leftist-socialist Democrats that their Trump-Russian collusion fantasy dreams are all about to spectacularly go up in flames—none of whom, however, will listen to reason—that is until President Trump begins throwing them all into prison cells the majority of whom will call home for the rest of their lives—and that the US military events in Los Angeles yesterday shows clearly Trump’s preparing for.


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