Heavenletters: Oneness is the Height of Glory

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, talk is a big part of life. There is even the expression: “It’s all talk.” That means to say that talk is cheap. Talk is not always backed by action. Sometimes I see that you may not even back yourself in action. It’s good to. Have the idea to follow through. You really don’t want your words to be like grapes that fall to the ground in disrepute. You want to believe in yourself, and you want others to believe in you.

Of course, I understand that life sometimes gets to be too much for you, and you want to put your head under the covers. I won’t tell you that I know the feeling, for I don’t. I do not always grasp how life may strike you.

How it is with Me, Beloved, is that I burst with joy every moment I embrace life. I don’t exactly do somersaults, yet that’s one way to describe how life is to Me.

You know those moments when you feel so One with the world? You are swimming, and you ARE the water. You are the joy. Love you are.

I do, however, keep offering more and more, yet as you become less blended with the joy I am, and at the same moment, hold less awareness of yourself, you are less focused on Me.

You are more bonded in joy, which is the same to say you have embraced more, much more of Me, which seems to be less focus on Me, less need to focus on your awareness of Me. It is like I am more easily part of you – hook, line, and sinker!

It’s more like: Well, it’s no novelty for you to be part of Me. You are getting more used to Me now. It’s a treat, yet you are more used to this treat. You love it, yet you are not dazzled. You are as you ever were. You don’t have to address yourself. I am not an add-on. I am familiar.

Like when the sun is out and you’re getting a tan, you don’t have to think over this again and again: “Wowee, I’m getting a tan!” It’s a perfectly natural tan. Because you are getting a tan, you are not racing to the moon!

We can perhaps say it’s more like racing to the moon, except you are always sitting on the moon, so where else can you be?

It’s a Self Adventure. You’re not asleep. You don’t have the need to sit up and pay attention either. It’s perhaps more like there is no out of sight, and there is no out of mind. We are of One Mind, yes, this is getting closer to what I mean. You see more from on high without even peeking.

Welcome, My Love. You are safe and sound in My heart, which is where, when all is said and done, you have been forever and a day. Well, why not you? Why anyone else and not you?

You are not passe. You are exactly where you have always been. For awhile there, it looks like you might have forgotten and stumbled out of My heart, yet to say that is, at the same time, absurd!

I laugh at that image. Yet what else is a God to do? Even a God has to have a good laugh once in a while. How can I stop laughing, Beloved?

What if you can’t stop? Be like Me, then, wouldn’t you like to? Worry-free. Not held to account. Just free and heart-happy.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff