Soul Awakening; Soul Awareness Part 1 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot com.jpgThese are the days of great change and also great opportunity. Today’s climate of rapid change brings with it the potential for making great improvements in your personal life. Today, it is easier than ever to create positive changes that bring you true happiness, vibrant wellness, and profound spiritual awakening.

The deeper changes that are swirling through the world today are a result of the ongoing rise in human consciousness. Humanity is awakening and the old reality is crumbling. There is a vital need to direct this increased awareness into its higher form – the Spiritual Awakening of humanity.

You came into this life specifically to experience the opportunities offered in these days of great change. It is easier now than ever before to create the spiritual transformation for which your inner being yearns. By doing this, you also enhance the consciousness of the whole planet in a very positive manner.

Your personal spiritual awakening affects countless others through your connection with the global consciousness of humanity. The more you awaken spiritually, the more you help transform the world in a spiritual direction and the more you fulfill your own destiny in these vital times.

By fully awakening to your soul consciousness, you reclaim your spiritual power to create any new reality that you desire, to successfully manifest that new reality, and to experience life in all its potential glory.

The whole world is awakening to a New Reality and we are all part of that global transformation of consciousness. We are here to rediscover our soul awareness and to awaken to who we are as powerful creators of an inspiring new world.

Soul awakening brings you into conscious contact with your inner spiritual resources. As physical humans, we are born with soul awareness but then, as we grow up, it fades into the background due to outside cultural pressures.

You have always had the ability to form a natural attunement with your soul consciousness. The more attention you give to your inner connectedness, the more you avail yourself of the valuable insights that are yours through soul consciousness.

What is your soul? Without a clear definition, soul awakening would be like driving in a strange land without directions or a map, so let’s see where your soul is on the map of human consciousness.

In day-to-day living, you function through the conscious part of your mind. It operates through your brain and your physical senses. However, your mind is more than just the one frequency band assigned to conscious thinking. You also have a subconscious mind and a soul or superconscious mind.

Your brain is physical. Your mind is a non-physical field of consciousness.

Your brain acts as a receiving and transmitting station for mind energy. It focuses on the external world through the senses, showing an admirable dedication to its appointed task. Your mind, however, has a much greater range of perception than your brain.

At the soul level, your mind is perfectly aware of its connection with all other souls and all other life. Your soul is aware of everything that affects you, which is why your intuitive insights into life’s situations can be so accurate and helpful.

Intuitive insight is a trait built into all people, both male and female, and it is the connector between the soul and the conscious mind. Look for intuitive insights even though they are often no more than subtle whisperings. Honor intuitive insights and give them the chance to prove themselves. Develop that faculty and you develop your range of consciousness.

Your soul is your immortal spiritual essence. While it is connected to, and in communication with, all other life, it is still very much you in the sense of individual identity. It is your true personality, the real you.

If you have ever asked the question, “Who am I really?” the answer could have been discovered by going within and spending time reconnecting with your true essence. The real answers to life’s big questions are to be found within, not in the external world. You aren’t what you do in the outside world; you are what you are deep inside.

Think of your conscious mind as a specific frequency band of focus within your entire range of awareness. Your subconscious mind has many tasks and is constantly busy, yet your conscious mind is unaware of its activity because the subconscious processes operate below the frequency floor of your range of attention.

If you wish to change your focus and access your subconscious mind, you can do so at any time. Altered states of consciousness, induced through meditation, take you into other levels of awareness. If you wanted to recall the events of a long-forgotten childhood birthday party, for example, you could do so by accessing the complete memory records that are stored within your subconscious mind.

In a similar fashion, you can access your soul awareness. This has often been called the superconscious mind simply because it operates at a mental frequency above the upper end of your conscious mind’s normal range of focus. Again, altered states of consciousness – a quieting of the conscious mind into an alert stillness – allow access to these other layers of your total range of awareness.

Recalling long-forgotten memories from the subconscious mind might be entertaining, but access to your soul awareness can be downright life-changing in a very positive way.

Suddenly, you have access to the most elegant solutions to life’s pressing problems. Suddenly, you gain a sense of purpose in life and an understanding of how your unique purpose contributes to the whole experience of being human. Suddenly, you find the fountain of joy that constantly flows within you – a joy that triumphs over all adversity because it is the true, unchanging love and happiness that comes from the spiritual realms, waiting for you to reach up and contact its healing essence.

When you consciously touch that fountain of inner joy, it can remind you of the rose-colored spectacles that you wore when you first fell head-over-heels in love.

It should come as no surprise, then, that a connection to soul awareness is also a passport to finding soul mates. This is the subject if the next lesson.


» Source » By Owen Waters