Mira of the Pleiadian Council: Current Developments

mira pleiadian high council eraoflightdotcomGreetings ground team, this is Mira of the Pleiadian Council of Team Ascension Earth. Please feel our Pleiadian embrace extended towards you, arms outstretched in service. We assure you we are working full time on behalf of you, humanity, and we feel great responsibility and excitement for this project of Team Earth to come into fruition. For in may ways it already has, and many celebrations are being prepared.

We wish that we are were at liberty to disclose more, but suffice it to say, now the time is ripe for planetary change, for ascension, for upheaval, for growth. For in order to prepare the new, the old must be swept away, which is precisely what is happening currently in your geopolitical arena. The environment must be protected. True, we have advanced technology that will greatly assist you, but we must partner with you. We cannot and will not do it all, for that would be a violation of your free will and deny you of the opportunity to serve your own planetary Mother Gaia, who has been ever so patient and loving toward humanity for eons. We salute her for her service and we honor you ground team for your tireless acts of service as well. This has been a tremendous project with an enormous goal and we are excited and pleased to announce that indeed much is progressing that we cannot yet speak of, but that does not mean that it is not happening. Much is happening! Your reality TV shows, your news, is not reality! Hold no credence to it. Learn to see with the eyes of your heart, your ever growing heart space that is developing nicely, much less closed, much more open even than last year.

We are pleased to be partnering up with the Arcturian councils as well regarding the development and advancement of your precious species’ growth, for that is one of their specialties and they are quite good at lovingly guiding. We Pleiadians are quite good at lovingly delivering. Together we make and excellent team, just as we are a most excellent team with our grounded crew as well. All is well. All is progressing. We eagerly anticipate our reunions with you, for you our family, our friends, and we have long histories with many of you. Each of you are treasured, special, unique, and precious Source fractals that will be bursting forth with opportunities for serving the All in new and glorious, exciting ways!

Great avenues of change are here. They are being unveiled as we speak. I am Mira of the Pleiadian Council for Gaia’s ascension. It is true that much change is about to begin and we hope that our grounded ones are ready for this and will hold the light, hold the love, hold the space for the others who may flounder quite a bit. We see this as a likely volatile time for earth, for humanity, but also a great opportunity for more love and expansion. For trials create strength, strength of resolve creates purpose, and purpose when coupled with love is unstoppable. It is true. We all hold you in high esteem. I am Mira. I have another meeting to attend to but we did want to reach out through this channel however briefly and reassure you that your success is assured, your strength we are counting upon and we know we will not be disappointed. You are stronger than you realize. It is time to realize it, friends. Be that strength for your time of heavy lifting is here now. I am Mira. I depart in peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


2 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiadian Council: Current Developments”

  1. April Nelson

    There are those who have been on the inside of corruption and could have stopped it by making better choices, yet failed. And so with each bad decision made by them, after hundreds of thousands of years of messing things up, here is a decision to go against that. It’s a super unfolding. We cannot stop a progression such as this, is is the free will of the entire play, the cosmic drama, though it may not be a part of the Dream of the people who are headed in dismay, it is still not too late for some to shine bright for truth and justice, we cannot just leave those ones behind all while the comic soap opera is taking it’s sweet time whether we like it or not . Things are never black and white, good or bad, that’s what free will is actually all about, is that EVERYONE gets to experience their highs and lows, and for some beings they have a deeper threshold for good or bad, so through their conscious involvement they actually complicate the cosmic play. While we watch the insanity. And try to stay loving, sometimes it just makes us angry.

  2. Doug James

    Ok no more free will reasons you dont have free will in a matrix prison planet that is all an illusion! People are literally via plasma and bio chips programmed so free will is a joke and I cant understand why any ETs keep stating this absurdity. They know full well the archons dracos and such took over earth 350k yrs ago. Any free will was taken from us and the reincarnation matrix began.