Serapis Bey: Your Missions Are Quite Complex And Full

gateway of light eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear ones! I AM Serapis Bey, Chohan of the White Ray of Purity, your teacher, your family. Welcome dear hearts, into my Ascension Temple, the temple where ascended and ascending masters gather from all over the universe.

I welcome you here, for you have arrived to spend some time with me and know that you are anchored in here permanently in your ascended selves. Nevertheless, you might still have to travel to different dimensions and places with different, even low vibration on Earth, or elsewhere in the universe, for your missions are quite complex and full!

But, I want to encourage you to come to me often or, better said, I want you to focus your entire attention on those huge parts of your ascended selves at all times, but mostly when you feel that there is still work to be done clearing and purifying some parts of yourselves. And this also applies to those times when you have gathered some of your lost fragments that need integration into your dear selves. You have recovered and retrieved them, and now is the time for processing, healing, and incorporating and harmonizing them with the rest of your sweet selves.

But this time doesn’t have to be a difficult and traumatic one; you do not have to isolate your dear selves and sit and feel these pains for too long, or too intensely, in order to remove and transmute them.

I want you to come and sit in silence with me, with the White Light of Purity, to allow this process to be gentle and painless. There is no need to shed tears of sorrow. There is no need to feel and envision their, and your, worst nightmares. Instead, you can just develop that deep sense of compassion for yourselves, and for everyone finding themselves in similar predicaments. That time is over, for you have proven over and over that you have become beautiful holders of the most profound and unconditional love.

And so, while you are working on expansion of yourselves – for there is always more of this deep diving, isn’t there? – I want you to remember that you have been accepted and have access at all times to my chambers of love, where the White Light of Purity is constantly burning brightly. Invite all the aspects and pieces of yourselves to attend, then sit with yourselves in silence. Polish and remove the shells or the tiny specks of untruths, see everything dissolving into the light, while at the same time the beauty and the purity of those little pieces of yourselves is revealed.

This is the new way of removing some of the old suffering much more efficiently and cleanly than doing it while surrounded by chaos and the negative energies of others. Because, then there is a higher risk of acting out, projecting, and engaging in verbal, physical, and energetic drama.

As the strong and wise masters-in-form that you are, you know where you need to retreat to, and how to do this delicate work of healing and restoring your dear selves. From here, that reconciliation and assimilation of every part of thee will be natural and smooth, with every part of you taking back their rightful places in your loving hearts.

I will leave you now with an overflow of purity, and my eternal love! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle