Soul Awakening; Soul Mates Part 2 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comRomance makes you come alive. It brings joy to the soul, happiness to the heart, and places rose-colored glasses firmly in front of your eyes. With the arrival of romance, you feel that you are walking on air and that your whole world is filled with happiness. Because everything feels so wonderful, even simple pleasures can feel like ecstatic delights.

At some point in a new and beautiful relationship, you may ask yourself, “Is this partner my soul mate?” Chances are good that they are because you have many soul mates in existence, not just one!

To see why, let’s examine the soul realms, which exist in a frequency of consciousness higher than the physical world. Your soul essence is based there even though its attention is focused in the physical world, where it sends subtle hints into your conscious awareness in order to help you in your day-to-day living.

Your soul belongs to an immediate group of soul mates numbering, typically, 8 or 9 souls. Then, there are nearby groups that relate closely to yours and still other groups that relate to them. You have an extended family of soul groups which typically includes one to two thousand individual souls.

With hundreds of vibrationally-related soul friends in existence, people with a special connection to you are never far away. Your ideal partner or soul mate may be from your own immediate soul group, or from the closest groups to yours, or even from your wider soul family.

Members of this wide family of soul friends often incarnate as people who will be close to you as family members or close friends in the physical world. Think about it: Those really helpful people who were your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or best friends at school were most likely members of your soul group or extended soul family.

Birds of a feather flock together and soul friends team up to share the experience of living in a certain place at a certain time. Imagine the wonderful contrast gained by living among friends at the peak of the Roman civilization, or celebrating nature as Polynesian island dwellers centuries ago, or living in Western culture today as witnesses to The Shift of the ages. Soul mates and soul friends want to help each other while gaining a wide variety of experiences together.

A true soul friend is never far away.

If you are looking to meet that someone special, use the technique in the next chapter to go within, tune into your soul awareness and ask what you can next do to bring that connection a step closer to physical reality.


» Source » By Owen Waters