The Ascended Dragon Collective and Fairies: All is Being Transformed

dragons eraoflightdotcomGreetings, human. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective here this day of ascension, of bliss, of change-over. Mighty winds of change blow over Gaia’s form causing all to shiver and shake. For nothing will be as it were, as it has been. All darkness is being transformed into the light of eternal promise of the new. We dragons enjoy overseeing civilizations rise and fall to make way for the more evolved new. Such is your world, human. Such is your dear Gaia, whom you have abused, neglected, forgotten. This must change. We dragons foresee great earth changes, massive life altering changes to the new. Even now the mighty winds of change shake. Can you feel them? We ascended dragons are guardians of this realm of collapsing matrixes giving way under the weight of the light of the new. Are you blazing your flame, young dragon? Are you alighting the Christed flame that burns brightly within you, that is eternal, strong and sure? Will it to encase your whole being. Will the fire of the Christed light to permeate, to drench to burn all that does not serve the light and such you will be made new – Christened if you will. We are guardians of the eternal Christed flame. We dragons as you know are very fond of fire, of light, of blazing bright flame that dances, mocking the darkness. Darkness has no hold over us. NO HOLD!

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Expect much change! Expect your world to be bathed in such light that you will blink with the brightness of it and laugh with glee for the new is here now, human. Welcome it in. Welcome home. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Come fly with us on the inner planes where we battle the remnants and blast our fiery blaze with theirs. It is great fun. We are not afraid. Why should we be? We are of the light! The darkness has no hold on us, never can defeat. Source is all things. We are an aspect, a fractal, as are you. And so human friend, enjoy the experience of physical ascension and own it. Own your victory! Own your power! Own your fire and burn it brightly! Come fly with us! We depart now. We are your friends, the Ascended Dragon Collective.

We are the fairies and we wish for you humanity to know that we love you greatly, and you are well supported, well loved in this most epic, mythical Now, where worlds rend, portals open and fields of dimensional change merges into new possibilities – we are full of glee as the dragons say for we feel it, we see it and we are trying to bring it about human, and so we offer our support, our love, our music, our laughter to you and a little swift kick in the pants should you need it for the time of eye rubbing and rest is over! It is time to fly, to create, to soar with the dragons – and the fairies – and to explore your multidimensionality ~

For you can all do this you know, it is no great secret, well, it has been, but is no longer – you are reading these words and therefore you must understand that all imagination is, is another realm waiting for you to explore it – there are no limitations except that which you place on yourselves and so why place them at all? Be freeee, be light, be like us, the fairies! No more slogging. We envelope you in fairies kisses and light now, in this time, but really friend it is time to fly, to be to be the light, and to help the Mother Gaia in her birthing – it is here now, it is very close ~ it is just a breath a way! Can you see it and feel the changes? It is true! We are the fairies – we love you ~ we are the fairies ~


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl