Heavenletters: Be the Light

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, unto love, devote yourself. Even as you feel disappointed and heartsore, dedicate yourself to love. Remember love. When you are aware of anger – this awareness is a sham. This isn’t a semblance of truth. You may be sincere, believing you are honest to the core, yet less than love is shallow. It feels real, yet it is a flare-up and not the truth of you. Hostility may be evident to you, yet hostility defies the truth. Hard-heartedness is a fallacy. Oh, My, how convinced you are that this is the base truth of your heart when it is not. Convinced and true are two different stories. You are a sharp salesman to yourself and to others. Tell yourself another story. Raise yourself in your own estimation, and raise yourself and raise everyone in your words to everyone.

“Once a joke, twice a fool.”

You know the meaning of the word foolhardy. You’ve heard the word rash. You’ve heard the word nonsense.

The world has many words that signify mayhem.

You are not the only one who sets a trap for yourself.

Life is a passing thing. Don’t be so quick to disparage life. Don’t pass life by. Give credit to yourself and to Me. No longer dispute the Sun, the beautiful Golden Sun. Don’t sully the God-given Sun. If you have anything to prove, it is light. Absolutely not is it lack of light in the world that is to pretend light away. Lack of light is a pretense.

Life on Earth is not intended to be folly.

You have heard that you have more than one life. If there are thousands of your lives, there isn’t one life that you want to waste or ravage or any other’s life that you want to step on.

It is true that the Sun goes down every night. The Sun has its curtain pulled down every night, and every morning the Sun rises hale and hardy. Pull up the blinds and score the Sun like a basketball in a net, basket after basket, every throw a win.

If, on an odd day, you seem unable to give yourself happiness, then be sure you give someone else some happiness that day. At the least, you don’t have to keep yourself in the doldrums. What merit hold the doldrums for you? How do you serve anyone when you are cheerless?

Don’t say you can’t help it. You have to help it. You are here to help the land you live in and everyone who lives in it.

Help reward the world right and left. Help someone every day. Make a point of it. If you find yourself unable to smile for your Self, radiate a smile for someone else. To smile isn’t meant to be arduous. A smile is meant to be ardor.

No way are you to stick yourself to a grindstone.

Pick a flower. Give a dog a bone. Once in a while, throw caution to the winds. Give life its due. Give your Self a lift.

Color your Self Beautiful. Hitch a star. Ride a wave. Hum a tune. Play a guitar. Bang a drum. Let Me speak for you. Set life down lightly. Stir the world to new heights. Put your bare feet on the grass. Shine your heart high. Spin gold. Dance your way to the Sun. Embody the Sun. Take your place in the Sun. Pull everyone else up – those who are called everyone else when they can only be the same as you. Give yourself a leg up. Climb that stairway to Heaven. Roll over lightly. Change. Forget about mistakes – yours and others. Shine the world. Clean mirrors. Spin your way to Heaven. Be awake. Be the Light of the World.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff