Soul Awakening; The Law of Creation Part 4 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comYou can create anything you want in your life. You can create true happiness, vibrant wellness, and profound spiritual awakening. Anything that you desire and anything you can imagine will appear in your life provided you follow the rules of the Law of Creation.

The law itself looks simple, but people can misinterpret it and meet with disappointment instead of the success that can so easily be theirs. Here is the Law of Creation in its simplest form. It was powerful enough to create the universe, so you can be certain that it can also create any desired conditions in your life.

Let’s look at the fundamentals. As the story goes; in the beginning, God ‘divided the waters.’ This means that the original consciousness of the Creator was divided into two aspects so that they could be set into complementary motion.

One of those aspects of original consciousness is creative thought. The other aspect of original consciousness is the love that builds the creative idea into form. Then, motion is required because, without it, there would be no “Let there be light” and nothing would come alive.

Here is the original Law of Creation in its most fundamental form:

Creation = Thought + Feeling + Motion

Humans are made in the ‘image’ (i.e. the creative imagination) of the Creator. As such, we are endowed with the same creative faculty of imagination. Imagination is the greatest power in the universe because it creates everything.

For countless generations, people have been disempowered by the idea that, “It’s only your imagination.” This demeaning action against your greatest God-given creative power takes the spark out of life. It turns people into sheeple who spend their lives meekly following somebody else’s idea of what they should be doing. With the creative power of your imagination, you can reach for your greatest potential and fill your life with an amazing sense of achievement.

Discover the power of your imagination. It is your God-given creative faculty.

People labor under the misapprehension that they are bound by circumstances. This is merely an appearance. The reality is that your creative faculty holds incredible power over your circumstances. Once you appreciate your inbuilt transformative ability, then the power is yours to wield and your life will never again be the same.

Imagination gives you the power to engineer entire new realities that develop your life’s potential to the maximum. You should be free to achieve everything that you are capable of achieving. Using your imagination to create new realities is a solid feat of design engineering, not something vague in a realm of non-reality. A better term for engineering new realities through the creative power of imagination would be imagineering.

The word imagineering was coined in the 1940’s to encourage, of all things, imaginative new uses for aluminum. In the 1980’s, the Walt Disney company adopted the term imagineering to encourage creative concepts in children’s entertainment.

In the English language, words typically evolve into a variety of meanings. One other usage of this word has been to describe the concept of looking at the past to see future effects. In our case, using it for a metaphysical purpose, this word would be defined as follows.

Imagineering is the application of the power of the creative faculty of imagination to transform current circumstances into a preferred reality.

Circumstances can easily be changed by the creative power of imagination, applied with intent and energy so that a desired new reality materializes into existence. In order to express this creative capability, you need to adapt the original Law of Creation to work successfully in the human realm.

In the human realm, the formula, “Creation = Thought + Feeling + Motion,” is applied as follows.
After deciding upon a desired goal, you need to imagine what that goal will look like once it is made manifest. Imagine yourself experiencing the end result. Do not imagine the process that leads up to the end result as the universe will find the shortest route in its own way, just as water always finds its own particular route from the hills to lower ground.

Then, add the Feeling part of the formula. This is where you feel the excitement of what it is like to be a part of that manifested goal. Imagine how it feels to experience that new reality. Catch the mood in order to fully immerse yourself in that new reality. To be in balance, the feeling part of this exercise should receive as much focus and energy as the creative thought part. Energize the feelings that will come with your experience of the end result.

Finally, there is the Motion part of the formula. In the human physical world, the concept of motion means to take action. We have to take the series of actions that will lead to the manifestation of the desired goal.
Wouldn’t it be nice if the intended goal would suddenly appear, as if by magic? I always think so. However, the rules of physical existence require that we take steps to make it possible for the intended reality to become manifest physically.

It will seem like magic, nevertheless, because your goal can be achieved easily and effortlessly as a result of the power that you have applied behind the scenes.

You now have a formula for success that works like magic… provided you are aware of the time trap, which will be explained in the next lesson.


» Source » By Owen Waters