Sai Baba: The Meaning of Life

sai baba eraoflightdotcomDon’t loose confidence, but continue to be like beacons during unsettled times. Trust your own strength and act in accordance with your intuition! To put this into practice you must become free from blockades.


It is no secret: The world stays the same as long as humans stay the way they are. Once the individual changes, everything changes.

This is no secret, and yet too many beings of light evade working on the process of enlightenment and realization.

Today I want to animate you to take further steps into the light. I ask of you to face the storms of this time with even more courage, even more determination, and even more faith in God.

When the going gets tough and there is no hope for success, this is just what is needed.

Mastering setbacks

It is the “bad times” that are discomforting to you, and it is your expectation of antagonistic events that rob you of your courage and degradingly turn you into background actors in the big game.

From hereon out, these setbacks need to be mastered in a way that is more relaxed, lighter and sufficiently aware of the whole; for that, concepts, expectations and blockades need to be removed from your core.

The lighter and clearer you are internally, the easier the shifts will be for you, and the more clearly you can perceive the meaning behind it all.

Allow yourselves to go even deeper inside, and ask God into your life. Call on the one who created you, and demand the company of the almighty, the omnipresent divine force. Then you have got it all.

Be prepared to resolve your yet unresolved issues with even more determination. Don’t defer anything and ask that the divine light may illuminate your soul and shed light on the meaning of your life on earth.

Each one of you human beings was born with unique missions, and for as long as they elude you, you are staggering. Being solid as a rock or being a beacon means weathering any storm, and it means knowing your role in the game exactly and playing it with courage.

Bring your missions to life!

Go on a journey of discovery and reveal the meaning of your lives.

You have descended into this time to enrich this world with your light.

What matters now? Knowing who you are and what has brought you here. I am with you during these steps, and I will stay with you until you have arrived.

We are one big family and we have a single big mission: to remind humans of their own light, and to lead this earth back into the light.

By the power of God, the omnipresent and almighty spirit of the Source of all life – I bless you!



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl