Soul Awakening; Back to the Future Part 6 of 8

soul awakening era of light dot comEach night, as you fall asleep, reinforce your desired reality with additional creative power.

Each night, remember that you are one day closer to the manifestation of the end result which you first envisioned.

Each night, in your imagination, see your future as a pathway that lies ahead of you. Each step that you take along that timeline moves your awareness ahead further into the future.

Start walking. See yourself walking into your future and heading for that desired reality that you have already created. When you reach it, stop.

In your imagination, fully enter that desired reality, just as if it exists in the now. After all, it does exist in your now because you’ve just time-traveled in order to be there.

Once again, tune into that new, desired reality and feel what it is like to be there. Explore the desired situation and make it more real by seeing events that reflect this new reality. Now that your new reality is real, imagine what you are doing that is different compared to the old reality.

Feel the excitement of having your wish fulfilled. See yourself in that role and catch the mood. Moods create realities through the power of your imagination.

Now, here’s where we add the coup de grâce.
Love is Magnetic

The Feeling aspect of the Creator fills all of Creation with Divine Love. This original Feeling or Divine Love is the consciousness which holds all of Creation together within its constant embrace.

Reach up with your mind and bring this wonderful, magnetic energy of universal love into your own creation. Universal love adds a magnetic energy to your creation which will achieve two things.

First, you add power to your creation, giving it a greater influence over reality and more power to successfully manifest itself in your life.

Secondly, love is a magnetic force of attraction. This magnetic energy attracts compatible objects and events towards itself. Your creation will draw people, events and any necessary objects toward itself. The more power you give your creation, the sooner it will become physically manifest.

Love is the key to adding magnetic energy to your creation. Focus on filling your new reality with your love. Now, in order to intensify that feeling, use the power of gratitude. Gratitude is a great way to feel the flow of universal love, so express gratitude for this new reality and for what it brings you.

Focusing on the highest frequency possible will skyrocket your ability to attract love and magnetism. To do this, express gratitude to the Creator for your own creative faculty of imagination and for life itself. Feel gratitude for the energy of Divine Love that fills the universe, bringing life to all of Creation and to all of our personal creations.

Now, time travel back to your present physical time. Know that every time you repeat this exercise, you will increase the magnetic energy of that new reality and bring it even closer to fruition than before until, one day, it will be time for it to materialize in your physical reality.

This procedure of relocating in time and energizing a creative thought is second nature to your soul consciousness. By becoming attuned with your soul awareness, you will find that the procedure comes naturally to you. Your soul knows how to be in the now in a future time slot.

Imagination is your creative faculty. Use it and create a truly wonderful life.


» Source » By Owen Waters