KaRa of Pleiades: Changes Continue

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa.  It is wonderful to be back with you, and to have these opportunities to be able to share with this group, and to the many, the many beyond this group who would resonate to these words, who would hear them and be able to take these words into their very being.

Because as the changes continue on, not only outside of yourselves, but within yourselves, for many of you are certainly changing within.  Your consciousness is raising on a daily basis—no, even a moment-by-moment basis.  Consciousness cannot be stopped.  The rising of consciousness cannot be stopped, and will not be stopped.  Because as consciousness continues to raise, you continue to raise.  All of life here on the planet continues to raise.

Those of us in our Pleiadean ships, those of us who are the emissaries that are coming to many across the planet through many different sources, many different channels, many different ways of bringing these messages forward, and we are bringing these messages forward.

Because disclosure as you have known it or have been expecting it to be may not come about in the way that it was expressed earlier, may not come from the government, governmental leaders.   But it is coming, and it will come through the people itself.  Those of you:  those of you, the lightworkers, and warriors, and bearers, and sharers, and sharers of the light.  Because you are the ones that can hold this light.  You are the ones that are anchoring it here, holding it, and then spreading it.

And it is you, our dear family, that we are bringing this light to—the light of truth, the light of knowing, revealing all that has been held back from you.  For those times are coming when the revealings are also coming.

You have heard of the Prime Directive.  And yes, we have had to adhere to the prime directive, just as all of the others here that are associating with the earth now have had to do.

But I tell you now, and many are beginning to also come and share this with you:  it is not only the Prime Directive now, it is moving beyond that.  It is moving into a new phase of disclosure.  It is moving to other areas of expression that are going to bring disclosure to you.  It is showing more and more of our ships to you—not only to you, the lightworkers, though, but to all who would look up into the skies.  For it will become more and more overwhelming for those that would deny this understanding, this revealing and knowing to you.  It will become more overwhelming for them to be able to hold this back, as if they could hold an avalanche back.  And they cannot.  And they cannot hold this avalanche of disclosure back either.  For it is beyond their abilities now to do so.  Try though they will to continue to do it.  But they can only do so much.

Because we not only have all of those of what you call the Galactics here working to bring this about, but we have the power of Prime Creator directly behind this endeavor to bring all of this forward, to bring all of this into fruition.  And as I said earlier, and as many have been saying, this can no longer be stopped.

The times that are coming are going to be grand indeed.  As the vibrations continue to raise across the planet.  And we, those of us the Pleiadeans, the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Andromedins, and the many others that you are not even yet aware of, will be associating more and more with those of the leaders here on this planet as well as the “potential leaders” that are coming forward now.  And when I say the “potential leaders,” I speak of those of you that will step forward when the times come, when the vibrations have raised enough, when it is safe for you to step forward into the many councils that will be forming.

And you, those of you, who have sat back and watched the government revolve around you, you will now be stepping forward when you are called.  You will be stepping forward because you will have the memories, you will have the knowings within you of who you are.  And those knowings will take you into those positions.  Not of power—we do not speak of power, but we do speak of responsibility.  And you will be taking your rightful places and assuming those mantles of responsibility once again.

And I say once again, because many of you have been there before.  You are simply returning.  Some will return to their homes.  But many of you will decide to stay on here and see the various waves of ascension move through.  You will assist in those waves of ascension.  Those of you likely being the first wave, will assist the second wave.  And those that move along in the second wave will comes back and assist those in the third wave.  This is how it will continue.

This is how you are spreading the light and will continue to spread the light.  Because, my dear friends, the light is all there is.  Yes, there is evil in the world.  Yes, you do have to be aware of this.  But you also have to know that there is not enough evil that can overcome the love and the light within you.  Always know that.  If you find yourselves being blasted in any way by those of the dark forces, blast them back with your light and your love, and they will withdraw.  They will recede back into the darkness from which they came.  Although even those that reside in the darkness now were once within the light.  For before there was anything else, there was the light as creation was born.

I am KaRa.  I enjoy these times that I can be with you and share with you in these ways, and to help you continue to move along in your transitionary period.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.   And I shall return many times yet to come.


» Source » Channel: James McConnell